As soon as the artifact of learning the method is scanned, the answer is the answer to the new reduction technology!

In the exam -reducing score test, I believe that the most difficult and most difficult choice should be a number of choice questions. The judgment questions and single -choice questions are relatively simple. Only the multiple choice questions in that exam. Basically, each test is not passed on multiple choice questions. The four answers ABCD see which one is the right answer! You choose one more or less to choose one, and the whole question is wrong. The ambiguous answer is inevitable even if it is often practiced. Practice in advance is easier to do wrong.

The driver of motor vehicle driver’s online learning application rules The driver of the motor vehicle participated in the online study (for a total of 30 minutes within 3 days) and passed the exam with a qualified 1 point at a time; If you pass, you will be reduced by 2 points at a time; if you participate in traffic safety public welfare activities (1 hour each), one point will be reduced at one time. There is no number of times to participate in the study of the law. However, after the driver of the motor vehicle reduces the score of 6 points within a scoring cycle, it will not be able to continue to participate in the law and reduce points.

The driver of a motor vehicle with a motor vehicle driver’s license of the People’s Republic of China can participate in the law and reduce points. Do not distinguish between driving licenses and whether it is a driver of the operating vehicle. He participates in the corresponding road traffic safety laws, regulations and related knowledge learning, examinations or traffic safety public welfare activities in accordance with its maximum quasi -driving model. What kind of situation cannot apply for one of the following circumstances, and cannot apply for the score of the law: first, the motor vehicle driver has more than two full score records within the score cycle, or the cumulative score reaches 12 points; the other is in the previous one The scoring cycle, the driver of the motor vehicle has more than two full score records; the third is that in the last three scoring cycles, the driver of the motor vehicle escaped after the traffic accident, or drove the motor vehicle after drinking, or use forgery or altering. Motor vehicle number plates, driving licenses, driving licenses, school bus signs, or other motor vehicle numbers, driving licenses, or buying points are punished; fourth, the motor vehicle driver’s license is during the internship period, or the motor vehicle driving license The overdue is not examined, or the driving license of the motor vehicle is detained and temporarily deducted; the fifth is the record of unsustainable traffic violations under the name of the driver of the motor vehicle; the sixth is that the safety technical test in the driver of the motor vehicle exceeds the validity period or it fails to accordance with the regulations. Motor vehicles that cancel the registered registration; seventh, the driver of motor vehicles participates in the score of traffic safety education and exemption of traffic safety education, or the motor vehicle driver’s illegal scores are full of education and examination education and study examinations. The scoring increase to the 18 -point method will be implemented to implement specific rules to see carefully each scoring cycle to be reduced by 6 points. Whether it is understood as the score value of each scoring cycle increases to 18 points. For this, the Ministry of Public Security made a detailed answer: the driver’s license is Raising scores to 18 points is the misunderstanding of reform measures for re -scores of traffic safety education and exemption.

The scoring score is deducted from the cumulative score value of the driver of the motor vehicle. It is not necessary to make non -scores when dealing with the traffic violations. In order to increase the full score of the scoring cycle to 18 points. At the same time, the driver cannot reduce the pre -deposit score by learning the law.

Applying the law to reduce points must be scored in the current scoring cycle. If there is no scoring in the current scoring cycle, the pre -deposit score cannot be reduced by learning the law. There are three aspects of the way to obtain the method of studying the law and the law: first, to participate in road traffic safety laws, regulations, and related knowledge online learning and examinations; second, at the place where on -site study and examinations are opened, participate in road traffic safety laws, regulations and regulations and regulations and regulations and regulations Relevant knowledge on -site study and examination; third, at the place where traffic safety public welfare activities are reduced, they participate in the civilized public welfare activities such as civilized traffic persuasion and traffic safety publicity organized by the public security traffic management department. The score of learning and law is in the test stage. At present, the scores of learning have not been officially launched in Harbin City, and relevant departments are testing the network system that reduces scores in the law. Although the driver can enter the corresponding port of the network for learning, because the network is in the testing stage, it is not possible to guarantee the completion of scores and verification work. After the test work is completed, the relevant departments will officially announce the implementation rules of the implementation of the law in Harbin. Editor in charge: KJ005.