Changshun Ming, mayor of Jinzhong City: The development and utilization of coalbed methane is resolutely put the carbon Dhame carbon and this hard battle.

The People’s Network Taiyuan September 3 (Zhao Fang, Duan Siqi) "Taking the History is the axis, the deep-in-law of Jinzhong is engraving the inner genes; with time to do, the responsibility of the promotion of the energy revolution is looking forward to the future, Jinzhong accumulated The strong motion of low-carbon development can be 3 days in the afternoon, in the 2021st Taiyuan Energy Low Carbon Development Forum "Coalbed Metainer Efficient Utilization" Professional Division, Changshun Ming, mayor of Jinzhong Municipal People’s Government, said in recent years, Jinzhong Jin In the middle of the West, the south of the West, the south of the north, the Taihang is rushing, the Lihe circle, the hill river is thick, Huaxia civilization, rich gas resources, is Shanxi’s raised energy big city, unique cultural city, Pingyao Ancient City, Cultural business cards such as Qiao Family, Xiyang Dazhai and other well-known Chinese and foreign cultural cards are in Jinzhong.

– The "gas" is ready to create a "demonstration" in coalbed methane exploration and development.

There are more reserves. Distributed wide.

Putting full. Jinzhong will focus on the four aspects and make demonstrations.

Demonstration in policy applications.

Use enough to use the country, the province’s provincial capital development plan, exploration and mining, mining rights approval, financial subsidies, etc. Complete supply of multi-diversified, pipeline layout, gas storage peak support, reasonable air structure, safe and reliable coal-free gas production storage system. Demonstrate in exploration and mining.

Cooperation with the leading enterprises in the industry of Petro, Sinopec, CNOOC and Hua Xin gas, the development zone, major discovery area, new to the district, commercial development zone, reserves in the district, the exploration and breakthrough area "six districts", rolling exploration, Integrate, 2022, the city’s coalbed metal production will reach 2.4 billion cubic meters.

Demonstrate in technology innovation.

Cooperation with high-end colleges such as the Chinese Academy, China Petroleum University, aiming at the scientific and technological frontiers, optimizing scientific and technological funds, innovative platforms, high-end talents, scientific and technological achievements, etc. Provincial Department Key Laboratory and Medium Test Bases, all-round development of scientific and technological research, creating coalbed methane innovation bases and technology companies incubation base. Demonstrations in gas use.

Encourage all kinds of categories that can use the coalbed methane to vigorously promote the replacement of clean energy. Realize all kinds of development zones of the city (industrial park) gas supply network full coverage, gasification rate reaches 100%. – Point "qi" gold and build a "new highland" in coalbed methane industry.

Pushing the coalbed methane diversification. Accelerate the gas replacement of the coal-fired generator set, encourage the increasing power generation hours, enhance power generation efficiency and economic benefits. Accelerate the industrial cleaning energy replacement, encourage all kinds of commercial enterprises to use traditional industries such as smelting casting, hot rolling, heat treatment, glass, ceramics, agricultural product processing.

Accelerate the promotion of coalbed methanes, in recent efficient use, learn from Anhui Xiaogang’s beautiful rural integrated smart energy demonstration project construction experience, vigorously develop distributed energy, in the Jinzhong’s Weihe Valley, Taihang hinterland to create a batch of smart energy small towns, photovoltaic small Town, zero carbon small towns, help rural areas full revitalization.

Promoting the development of coal seam gas collection.

Developed as the leader with coalbed methane resources, gradually expand the coal methane industry chain, and strive to create a "three base group of groups". Promote the expansion of coalbed methane. Working with well-known colleges and universities such as Taiyuan University of Technology, we are building coalbed metal gold steel stone projects in Xiyang. According to estimates, 10 cubic meters of coal metal price is about 12 yuan, which is made into 1 gram diamond, minimum can be sold for more than 16 times, which can be described as "point gas into gold".

– Due to the end of "gas", build the "preferred place" in coalbed methane investment. Adhere to the "venting costume" reform as a traction, combined the policy "hard support", cultural "soft environment", reform "drive", all-round, whole process, whole society to optimize economic ecology, and create new advantages.

Jinzhong took the lead in the company’s investment project commitment to become a national sample, "a network all-time" case was selected in the 2020 "China Business Environment Report", which was rated as a crod pole city in the country to optimize the business environment.

Jinzhong is all-round to create an optimized business environment. Deepen the reform to promote power.

In contrast, "three no" "three" requirements provide "no difference" "no obstacle" "unscrupulous" environment for all kinds of market entities, so that the continuation of institutional policies reach "expected" "trusted" " It can develop "space.

Comprehensive implementation of "Integral Promotion Enterprise Investment Project" Commitment + Standard Ground + General Act "Reform Implementation Plan (Trial)", "1 + 4" integrated reform, and fully guarantee all kinds of market subjects in the healthy development of Jinzhong. Stimulate the potential with the Kobang platform. Jinzhong has a unique "trump card" in the province of Shanxi University City, gathered from 10 colleges and universities such as Taiyuan University of Technology, Shanxi Energy College, etc .; Shanxi Vocational and Teaching Future will accommodate 10 so More than 10,000 teachers and students, teachers and students in colleges and students. Creating a political industry with "six integration" research and research in Shanxi "Zhigang Valley" and Shanxi version of "Zhongguancun". Release vitality with full service. The first sexual promotion of government services and public services "List + Notification + Commitment" reform, implement point-to-point, one-stop, all-round, full process, all-cycle provides "shop small two" "中" service, let the vast Entrepreneur friends are assured investment in Jinzhong, operate peace of mind, concentrate on development! In the future, Jinzhong will develop the coalbed methane development and utilization as a major measures for "double carbon" Jinzhong action, important starting, focusing on exploration and mining, gas use, supporting services, and related industries, Jinzhong Coalbed Transmissive Headquarters Demonstration area, resolutely hit carbon Dharma carbon and this hard battle. By 2025, GDP energy consumption is more than 18% higher than 2020, which has dropped significantly to 18 micrograms / cubic meters to achieve the contribution of Jinzhong. (Editor: Zhao Fang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see client downloads.