Sheng investment "double cannon"

Original title: Since the launch of the "double-shifting", the promotion of the promotion of September 27th to 29th, Chengguan District investment promotion talent workstation – Guangdong Zhizhan Exhibition Company will hold two international exhibitions in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, expect to participate exhibitors 700 After the family, the number of participants exceeded 50,000.

By in the exhibition, multi-angle propaganda showcase, the district will help the district among intelligent manufacturing and digital economy, modern trade and other key areas.

According to reports, the Guangdong Zhizhan Exhibition Company is a vice president of Gansu Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong, and is also a Chinese top ten brand group exhibition in China’s Exhibition Economic Research. In July 202, the Chengguan District government was awarded the Tourist workstation for the investment in Chengguan District.

Since the company’s self-trail, the company has actively innovated the investment of investment promotion models, excavating the broadening investment information channels, and makes full use of the company’s two international exhibition activities held in Shenzhen and Guangzhou in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and is expected to participate more than 700 exhibitors. The number of participants exceeded 50,000.

At the exhibition, close attention to key industries such as intelligent manufacturing and digital economy, modern trade, through setting up city shutdow, issue promotional films, face-to-face negotiations, etc., all-round multi-angle promotion city powerful.

Among them, the 19th Shenzhen International Small Motor Industry, Magnetic Materials Exhibition and 2021 Shenzhen International Circle Industry, Electronic Transformer and Winding Equipment Exhibition were held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting the National Precision Micro Motor Engineering Technology Research Center, Lin Quan Motors, Samart, Aerospace Micro, Huanchi Bearing Group, Japan’s JFE and other well-known enterprises participated. At the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo, 2021 International (Guangzhou) Coatings Industry Exhibition and Coatings Implications, attracting Shanghai Baodao, Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment, Hangzhou Color Scientific Technology, Shanghai Naki Chemistry, Megi Fluid More than 300 excellent brand companies are exhibited. Through Guangdong Zhizhou, these two international exhibitions can expand the visibility of Chengguan District at home and abroad, but will also play a positive role in the investment in Chengguan District. Lanzhou Daily, the whole media chief reporter Yang Yutu (Editor: Jiao Long, Zhou Yuting) Sharing let more people see client downloads.