Patrol the river is uninterrupted, the blue water is coming into the city.

In the new day, Li Lijun, who is the shares of the Rivers and Husbandry and Water Affairs Bureau of Saihan District, starting from the hiking patrol.

As a member of the rivers and lakes, he is with other players, and is preparing to govern the "100-day attack" in Hohhot City, play a beautiful clear water defense war.

"The weather is getting hotter, once the water system is not enough, the water body does not flow, it will form a dead water between the dam and the dam. These two days, the responsible unit increased the patrol, once found a sponge or Other waste, will be used to upload pictures in the first time, with us to purify the water quality. "Li Lijun walked back, introduced to the reporter, this year, Hohhot City organized the" spring "of the river lake management Action, "100-day attacking action", mainly for the "Qing five chaos" of the river, discover one, clear one, sales number; joint procuratorate, environmental protection, natural resources and other departments to Dahe River and its tributary Inspected, resolutely crack down on the illegal sandstand behavior of the river in the big black river; plus the supervision of the river, joint environmental protection, urban construction, urban management and other departments to comprehensively investigate all kinds of sewage stasis in the jurisdiction, establish a bill, to the river The inner illegal discharge port and the small-scale sewage port in the municipal management network are fully cleaned up. If you are good, if you are in water, you will be good.

At present, more than 90% of rivers in Hohhot are in the Yellow River Basin, and the section of Saihan District is one of them. In order to do a good job in Hohhot City, the water for the people, the Hohhot City held the leadership group of the Heap Changzhi Work Leading Group, the second meeting, clearly suggested that the nature of the rivers and lakes is responsible system, and all local departments must compact leadership Responsibility, the four-level river lake head should be guilty of responsibility, responsible, performing duties, and resolutely picking up the political responsibility of the river lake protection.

In order to further improve the political station, consolidate the bottom line thinking, the "green water Qingshan is the Jinshan Yinshan" concept, the rivers and lakes at all levels will perform their duties to the responsible river lake, once the river "five chaos" issues, on-site supervision . On June 1, the leadership team of the city’s river lakes opened in the city of 2021, the river lake governance "100-day attack". At this time, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Saihan District Branch Ecological Environment Food and Drug Crime Investigation Brigade successfully knocked a criminal gang destroying the ecological environment and illegally dumping solid waste, and the "Heier + Sheriff" mechanism was initially achieved, Hohhot City River Lake Governance "100-day attacking action" opened a good head.

In the linkage mechanism of the river lake, there is also a "river length + investigation" "River Long Office + Environmental Protection + City Management" and so on, a series of "+" "seeing action, seeing results" in the long system of rivers and lakes, once The second color is strongly promoted, and the Hohhot City River Lake is "famous" to "truth". So far, all flag counties have held 22 county-level total river meetings, 50 rivers and long-term special sessions, arrange deployment related work; county-level river long, township river length, village-level river long, there are The patrol of the river, the total patrol 26927 people, the chaos within the management of the territory, chaos, chaos, chaos, chaos, etc. Blank, do not leave dead angles.

All flag counties and other local law enforcement, procuratorate and other departments have found 174 "five chaos" issues, 155 have been cleaned, and the remaining 19 are cleaning; cumulative cleaning of garbage 10,000 tons, dredging the river, and dismantling 273 square meters of violations Mi, clean up and rectify 13 sewage ports, to build "Beautiful River Lake, Happy River Lake" to escort the capital, really calling the river lake, the water quality is good, the water is beautiful. (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong).