“who is it?”

“Is a son of a surname,Study abroad,And the family background is equivalent,There are a number of pharmaceutical companies at home.,There are two listed companies that I have mastered.,You can think about the other party,More powerful。”
It turns out that Li Hui has not careful,But one listened to the other side,And still returning to study abroad,He thought of Jiang Hao for the first time.。
However, he remembers that Jiang Yan seems to be abolished by him.,Women should not be interested in women。
“What is the other party??”
“I heard that it is invincible,This name is also really dare,Actually there is no invincible,However, the other strength is also very powerful.,When Huashan City, Huashan City, I took the first chair of the young generation.,Even many big families go to kneel.。”
Zheng Tiancheng’s words,Let Li will understand it in the wind.。
“Who includes Qin Jia??”
“Hey-hey,I know that you can’t don’t worry about Qin Xue.,Sure enough, still,Qin family should be here,But you also know,The father of Qin family abroad is abroad.,Many of the two familiars are not inserted.,Now the helm should be the father of Qin Xue。”
“Um,I see,I am busy developing our village now.,I am going to have something to do.,What other news is there after the future, I will say it.。”
Li Hui said that this will hang up the phone directly.。
And when the phone is the head of Zheng Tiancheng, I still want to say anything.,I heard the busy voice in the phone.,I can’t help but look at Zhao Wuji.。
“I just said that I don’t have to tell him.,Said that people are indifferent,You look,This bet you lost again.,Give me the remaining life stock solution.?”
Zhao has no emotional flashing expression。
“I still have a bite.,And you also know,I have a lot of,Do you want to think??”
“Less nonsense,hurry up,May gambling,And I always feel that there is some evil of the surname.。”
Zhao Wuyi listened to this, it also came to。
“Correct,I also feel so,Do you say that person is also to play??”
“This is not good,However, the two helped the little brothers staring well.,As long as Qin Xue is worth a loss, we don’t know.。”
“Lao Zheng,Then is that it is too salty, eat radish.?
I didn’t say it.。”
Zheng Tiancheng looked at Zhao Wuji and speechless,Laughing directly:“Humph,Then you will not go,I am staring at。”
“do not,Don’t I still do it??
But you can remember how to ask Xiao Li brothers give me the benefits.。”
Say,Zhao Wuyi is also straight out。
At this time, the village of Lianhua Village,But a girl who appeared a Tingting,Teenage girl dragging a suitcase,Feet step in a pair of sneakers,A denim shorts directly put two slender jade legs to the perfect outline。
The good-looking face is also a kind of enthusiasm for people.。
“grandfather,Do you know where Li Hui lives??”
Chapter 428 The first step is successful.
Wang Deshui saw the girl in front of him is also a glimpse.,In addition to the village Qin Su, he feels that there should be no beautiful girl in front of you.。
“What do you find Xiao Li??