So Gao Baoyi himself is innocent。This is like this.,Some handsome guys are too handsome,The sister is willing to give the money to put the money to let him sleep.。This situation,Handsome guy is not guilty,What’s more, he hasn’t slept yet.。

This wind wave,Gao Bao became the only big winner!other people,There are few things to lose some things.,This is not a joke。
Billow is completely shipped,Bundle with Gao Bo Yi Deep Interest。He has no one can make up,Unless it is going to the North Week。Said the habit of being the source of the Robust Four,In fact, the Light of deceased is narrowing the road.。
Skills“Defended”After all, let“Struggle”Hometown,It is already a death crime into the soldiers of 邺城,Be bored。
This is also a high-spirited and high royal family.“Overcome”of“Overcome”。As for when he will enable again,Gao Bo Yi decided to first with the skin and say good,Let him be cold out of the line,Come to pick up。
Solve the impact。
And Yang Wei is because of Gao Rui’s things,I also lost capital against high-Bo Biyi.,Therefore“Late event”middle,He did not fight against death。
As for the high,They are the biggest loser,Even the old people have lost,Nothing。
High-rise,There is also his family and family members.,Placed by Gao Bo in an idle home,one after another,Some kinds of afflicted women,Take it by Gao Baoyi,That is, give him the generals who are still single.。
Give them warm bed。
Woman living here,Also becomes less。
Today,Actually, there is only a high-rise, the Lu Lady is one person.。Even high-tech,Have Gao Bao sent away。
To say not afraid,That’s fake。
Lu’s now is here, such as year,Although someone sent something every day,Some people sweep the house,But she is afraid。
after all,Someone can speak before,And now,It is a one who is solitary。
suddenly,Lu has heard the sound of the old door shaft。She is busy running over,Then I found a male and one woman standing in front of himself.。
The man is Gao Boyi,The young woman is actually a high-spirited lady.!
Two people holding hands,A close look。What is the ignorant of the Lu?,She knows,Li Shi is only afraid that he has been enjoyed by Gao Bao. I don’t know how many times.。
The kind of feminism between women’s eyebrows,It’s defocated。
“Waiting for the wedding room there,I have something to talk to Lu.。”
Gao Baoyi face,But the flow of the dried buttocks。The latter is white-eyed,Capacid waist from the opposite,It means that she looks at her.,Immediately enter the village of not far away,Go on the door。
“Is it here,Still there?”
Gao Boyi pointed out the sun on the head,Refers to the peach tree in the yard。
Lu’s sigh,The person she is most reluctant to face,Gao Boyi。Because they have happened some um,The thing that is unwilling to recall again。
“Go to talk over there。”
Lu’s peach tree said near the corner of the wall。
The two slowly walked,Gao Bao looks at the low head,Asked:“High intelligence may not know,But you are sure you know.?If I didn’t have a danger of life, I urged the Gao Ocean.,I am afraid that I am dead at that time.。
You will also be rewarded by the Emperor。
result,Is the high meaning to repay the benefactor??”
Lu’s low head does not dare to see Gao Bo Yi。
after a long time,She slowly opened the mouth:“I advised,He is actually knowing。”
“But he still did it.,Is not it?Gao Rui,Contact love,Ready to do things in Yucheng,Ready to smash the knife behind me,Is not it?”