Liao Jie:

People have a limit again.,Have a moment,He suspected that the sky is deliberate.。
Three Sundays and three Sundays,Then it’s three weeks,Several times,Liao Jie except for giving up,There is no other law。
However, the sky is not over,Wug-Hui and Power I want to escape:“be honest,Dare to move,Interrupt your dog legs。”
“Teacher,I am loyal to you.!”
“Yes,Teacher,You can’t have money because of millions of brothers.,Just prefer to preference,I am not right.,I am also very cheerful.。”
“I don’t want to die.,I have to wait for your old man.!”
For the next fate,Wu Dehui and Li Si know,Mustic and pleasing to let the sky。
“Men’s Han husband,What is crying?,I just as long as your skills,Don’t make your little life,I have a chance to wait for me.。”
“Teacher,Just don’t work,Justice less,But can’t don’t。”
“Master compassion,The road of our heroes just went out the anchor,Halfway is too unfortunately。”
Two people are sad,I can’t bear the joy of martial arts masters.。
“Shut up,Reclaim,I will pull your Mao.。”
Wu Dehui and the sisense,It’s a fire,One person makes up a foot,Narrow:“Dahui Dan is a trophy,This is my thing.,I want to take it.,I want to。and,Can become a million furnace,It is the blessing of the two little thiefs.,Dare to talk nonsense,I really took your dog.。”
“Big brother,I thought carefully.,This god is really”
“Unfielder,Sit hard, don’t move。”
See Liao Jie to run,There is a posture that is sitting on the back of the knee.,Care:“Your skill is not enough,And these two thieves are white and I am teaching for 20 years.,I will take it out for you.,Also an algor belongs to the original。”
“I can’t see it.!”
Liao Jie’s eyes,Run your hand and wipe your blood:“Big brother,You are expensive as the main,There is no me to teach me.,But can’t you don’t have you,These twenty years of skill or you take it.。”
It is quite touched by the sky,Laugh:“I have a adventure in Daxue Mountain.,Take the sky,Added a hundred years of skill,Plus I originally thirty years,A total of 130 decades,I haven’t digest it yet.,These twenty years of skill will only waste me。”
“Nothing is good,What do you want, I am a clear,Both brothers,No necessary!”
Cut from the sky, grab the palm of Wudhui and the delay,Post behind Liao Jie,Do not wait for him to do,Transcend,Import the truth in the body into Liao Jie,And double 叒叕 is three big days。
One time,Liao Jie wants to die.。
“Unfielder,I pass your heart,You run the true gas immediately,Digest them into yourself,It’s too late.。”To prevent Liao Jie vomiting again,Side of the sky,One side to help him succeed。
The arrow has to be issued in the string,Liao Jie is helpless,I have to close my eyes.,Operate two real gas according to the heart method。
suddenly,He automatically switches to the cultivation of the dream,Front,The figure sitting in the kneeks is unhappy,One board and points to the sword,Ling Kong paintings under the nine-character true words four vertical five。
Liao Jie is in a state of inner view,Take this scene with the third vision,The heart slowly tone。
It’s not bad,There is a problem but not serious,As long as this represents his own light and shadow,He is still safe。
Blood sea magic erotic,Don’t practice it later,Can you resist him??
That is to laugh,Otherwise, he must laugh three。
Think,Suddenly I don’t think there is,Lens,Some of the black screens because of the scene of the scene。
In the distance of the light and shadow,There is a usual diapal knee and sitting,Fluid red,Hopeful。