Cracking the elderly, it is difficult to need to use heart

  Difficult to call the power low software to play some old people tell the reporter, the phone number of success rate is relatively low. In this regard, the reporter has experienced. In the late peak hours, the reporter dials the call of the Beijing Taxi Dispatch Center to try the car. After providing a specific tax point and the end information through telephone voice, wait for nearly ten minutes, the reporter received a from SMS, SMS content is: "Your car is not allowed to give you no one, please forgive me for inconvenience." After entering the same destination, the reporter found a network of approximately The car platform can be a taxi.

  In addition, young people use very convenient webmobile software, but it is a troubles for the elderly.

  "I also tried to teach my mother with taxi software, but this is really too complicated for her. I have a WeChat applet. Alipay health code I also teach many times, she still learns." Home live Chaoyang Ms. Wang in the area said. Although many taxi platforms have launched a large-scale version, older people, there are still many old people because their children are not around, they don’t want trouble and other reasons, lack the way to contact these adaptive version of the APP.

Cui Grandma in a community in the Jinsong South Road told reporters: "I don’t know much about this with my wife, my son is abroad, we are not very troublesome.

"Can the voice of the elderly give a reward? Zhang Mai, such as the East Exit of Jinsong South Road, tells the reporter, a unpleasant taxi experience:" There is a day in the afternoon, I will pick up my grandson, the world is heavy rain, I think I want to take a car with grandson. Home, the roadside stopped for a long time, several taxi who lit the empty car, no car stopped.

"The reporter interviewed discovery that the elderly have become the default hidden rules of some drivers, and five drivers from different platforms have said that they have been engaged in the car, but they will not stop. The reason is mainly the old man. The destination of the taxi is the area where the hospital, station, school and other traffic jams, and for taxi, which is mainly based on kilometers, the time cost is large, the income is small, and the driver feels no cost-effective.

  At the same time, some drivers are also afraid that the elderly’s body is in the case, and there is unnecessary trouble. "If the old man is accompanied by children, I don’t want to pull it.

A driver said.

  In the communities of the society, I want to solve the problem of difficulties in causing the old man, the driver’s contradictory of the old guests will make many efforts back to the origin. In this regard, a driver suggested that if the driver who serves the elderly, it may improve this situation. Explore whether the tricks are called a car? Near the South Gate of No. 3, No. 3, No. 3, Songsong South Road, established an old truck warmth station. There is a QR code on the warmth station display, suggesting that the elderly can call the taxi by Alipay or WeChat one-button scan code. After the reporter tried, it was found that for the elderly who can simply operate smartphones, such a helper station is very convenient. The elderly only need to find the helper station indicator set up in the entrance of the community. For the QR code scanning code on the sign, the system will automatically identify the station in the station. The old man can wait for the taxi without entering your address information. Order. By helping the car of the old station, it is a taxi, cash, online payment, and more suitable for the payment habits of the elderly.

  However, there are still many elderly people who are not used to using smartphones, I hope to have a simple and straightforward way.

"Can you install a button on the station? Let’s press it, you can have a car, even if you don’t take your mobile phone, you can get on the bus.

"In the process of visiting, several elderly people have suggested that they can transform the street idle taxi, increase the function of the button. Previously, the city was high in the hospital, the residential area and other passengers. More than 600 places. Taxi raise station. However, with the popularity of the net, most lines, the station, will now be furnished.

Although the indication of these sites is written with a call, but the reporter has been waiting for 10 minutes after a few times, I have received a short message from the car failure.

  In fact, in other cities, the Ranking site has been more humanized. According to reports, Shanghai Taxi Unified Platform "Scratch Travel" has realized a button in Shanghai 200 taxi closets. On the "Rod" of the taxi waiting point, passengers only need to press a round button, and the surrounding cruise taxis will receive demand reminders, no need for mobile phones and roadside tricks. Reporter Sun Quru intern Xia Wei.