Build a multi-reserve system to prevent significant risks

[] Recently, the 21st meeting of the Central Comprehensive Reform Commission reviewed the "Some Opinions on" Strengthening Strategic and Emergency Material Reserve Safety Management "on the Reform and Improvement Systems", emphasizing that national reserves are an important substance foundation of national governance. Strengthen strategic and emergency materials reserve safety management, strengthen strategic protection, macro regulation and response, and enhance prevention of significant risk capabilities.

The national reserves are the government as the main body to ensure that the national security and macroeconomic stability is the purpose of planning the reserves of the people’s livelihood.

National reserves focused on responding to national security emergencies, such as war, natural disasters, epidemic diseases, terrorist attacks, etc., with "stabilizer" and "water storage pool" function. In the emergency, the reserve material can support emergency protection, maintain the role of national security and social stability; in normal, adjustable materials are lost, and the proposal prices have fluctuated, and play a stable market function.

my country’s material reserves are constantly developing and improved, but there are still some short boards and weaknesses. First, legislation lag has not yet been introduced to a complete material reserve law. Second, the synergy is lacking, lacks relatively unified command decision-making institutions and perfect coordinated operation mechanisms. Most of my country’s national reserve materials, the national Grain and Material Reserve, the national development and reform committee, and the rest of the materials mainly follow the principals of professional orientation. Third, the structure is unreasonable.

In the reserve main body, there is no pattern of government reserves, corporate reserves, social institutional reserves, and family reserves.

The reserve function is highly regarded in strategic protection, the development of emergency effects, and lack of macro-regulating role in guiding the market, stabilizing expectations, balance supply and demand.

At the reserves, pay attention to the physical reserve, the capacity reserves are relatively insufficient. Effective should be an important part of promoting the modernization of national governance systems and governance capacity. National reserves is an important material foundation for national governance. It is necessary to strengthen strategies and emergency materials reserves from institutional mechanisms to prevent resolution of major disaster risks, protect national security, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property and sustainable economic and social development.

To strengthen the top design, strengthen the system construction, and organize "Who" "Who to Store" "How to Store", the system planning, the scientific optimization of the reserves, scale, structure, and speed up the key .

To play a multi-body role, adhere to the government’s leading, social construction, multi-complementary, improvement of central and local, physical and capacity, government and enterprise reserves, optimize important material guarantee and regional layout, classification grading implementation reserves Responsibility, improve the reserve mode, innovate the reserve management mechanism. To play a market regulation mechanism, enhance commodity reserves and regulatory capabilities, and better play the stable market function of national materials reserves.

To enhance the level of dynamic management, explore the dynamic rotation mechanism of reserve materials.

To promote the research and development of advanced technology and equipment, speed up large data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, advanced command communication, etc. in emergency management.

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