Tangshan Fire: Innovation "Five Schools" set off the party history learning boom BR

"I volunteer to join the Communist Party …" Tangshan Fire Revival Detachment 50 Party Organization Secretary in front of Li Dazhao’s statue to the party flag solemnly sworn in the memorial hall, the ear is endless.

Recently, Tangshan Fire launched the theme of "Inheriting the Spirit, Strive for the Savings" Theme Party Day of "Inheriting the Spirit of the Savings, and Remembering the Revolutionary Martyrs," Remembering the Red Footprint.

Under the leadership of the instructor, the fighters along the historic footprints visited the memorial hall and Dazhao’s former residence, and carried forward the "Dazhao Spirit" topic micro-party and exchanges. All levels of fighters explore the initial heart in the visit, and listened to the initial heart in the revision of the vows. In the topic of the party class, in mind, in the exchange, the success of the truth, earnestly change the party history, "class", "experience", Enhance the quality and effectiveness of learning education.

"The second piece is a pair of Zhangmu Book Box. This is a history of Chinese history in China. The party members of the jurisdiction enter the revolutionary site, explore the story of party history, and the vividness of the "Dazhao spirit, the spirit of the earthquake", the spirit of the spirit, the spirit of the earthquake The profound connotation of the spirit of the spirit and craftsmen, guiding the generals of the war, the war, followed, and actively actively.

"Are you taking a card today?" This is the recent commander asked the most questions. The Tangshan Fire Rescue Detachment Union Municipal Committee launched the "Youth to the Party Struggling" – Tangshan Youth Line School Master Party History Theme Education Activities, pass " In the way, "online" combined, excitation learning enthusiasm, set off a new round of party history and learning education boom. Up to now, party members at all levels refer to the battleman has completed more than 1,000 online learning, and 246 have got a learning certificate. At the same time, the high standard held the "Party History Education and Education Reading Class", held the mobilization ceremony in the Tangshan Seismas Memorial Hall, 39 Reading Group fully rely on the team education management system for online answer competition, and use the WeChat platform to open centralized discussions and comments Interpretation of the interpretation of the interpretation, exchange experience, anytime, anywhere, check the illness, and constantly promote party history learning and go deep.