Iron sand palm is not upgraded,This kung fu is learned from Ghost King,Power is far less than the martial arts of system awards,The same value upgrade is slightly lost。

As a diligent household,Man from not messing money,Like this kind of money,He will not mess。
Practice housing small trial cutter,Liao Judge a few awkward,Martial arts disposable upgrade,Some of the body can’t keep up,Requires a period of time。
Because of a short time,He can only upgrade the bone function to the room level.,I save the mill。
Again200Point down,The remaining financial resources have two thousand or two hundred,Red line in the warehouse in the warehouse,There is no depletion of copper and mountains.,He will leave these more than 2,000 points。
If there is a crisis risk,Two thousand points are enough to upgrade a martial arts to Dengfeng,Is an idea。
Thus,The cultivation in martial arts is not anxious.,He practiced in practice every day.,Remaining time,All takes practice。
Thunder is fundamental!
Concentrate in seven days,Everything is good,Only one night,He went to the dream bar to sleep until。
Dream in dreams,Where can I sleep?,Anyway, he doesn’t love bed.。
and,Do some of the health of your health before going to bed,Can also increase sleep quality,Who is not。
Ten thousand steps,A relaxation of cultivation,Relax,Can also add a mitigation tight fatigueBUFF。
Seventh day,Liao Jiyi,Red line array in front of,Two hands holding money sword,He uses two,Command two people to kill。
Sudden,A red tiger rushed out from the bedroom,Strip the two。
Not Liao Jie from blowing,Give some time,He can also play other patterns。
Mobile phone ringing,Liao Jie raises his hand to answer,Cheng Jing,Ask him that he will not see the traces these days.,Run, which wind flow is alive。
“Say you may not believe,I have a seven days at home.,In addition to eating,I haven’t seen the door.,Even beards are not shaved。”
Cheng Jing didn’t understand,Go straight,Let Liao Jie come to the villa,汤 朱迪 Sleeping a good。
Recently,Tang Judi received a police station,I learned that Wang Million’s case broke,Alien that has been in the funeral,I just finished today.。
period,Tang Judi God is depressed,Eating is also good,Sleep can’t sleep。
Cheng Jing looked at the heart,Nai Yu Tang Judi does not allow her to contact Liao Jie,This phone is dragging to the end of the funeral。
Liao Jie sighed at the clock,Get up and pack things,Driving a half-mountain villa。
Tang Judi won sleep dependence,Not a good thing,He will be very hard in the future。Think about it,In the future, Tang Judi walked out of the shadow of the wife.,When the rivers and lakes sleep,I definitely be less than him to assist in sleep next to him.,This is more difficult。
Liao Jie pushes the bedroom door,I saw Tang Judi leaning on the bedside.,A black,Destroy,I heard the door,Parlast open your eyes。
Poor mental state。
“Aji is called you.?”
“Yes,Sister is told me。”
Liao Jie put it in front of it,Say:“Next time I mean,Next, there is a sad thing,Remember,Brothers,My shoulder can borrow you at any time。”
“thanks,sorry to bother you。”