What Zhang Dongting said makes people happy,I don’t know what Ma Xiaoli’s attitude would be,This is what Xia Jian cares about most。Because her words represent sales。For a production company,No sales how to produce,This link is particularly important。

Ma Xiaoli thought for a while,Raised his head suddenly,She smiled and said:“Chairman,It seems you are very concerned about this,I’ll be bold,The development of the western market is indeed imminent,President Xia gave us such a good platform here,We have to cherish,Never miss this rare opportunity“
Xia Jianyi listen,A hanging heart just let go。It seems that sales people have a unique perspective,They will never let it go if there is a business opportunity。
Just listen to Ma Xiaoli suddenly change the front and say:“Newly opened market,No traffic,It is normal that there is no traffic in one or two years,So Xia must give us rent-free,Wait to make us bigger in the market,No later“
In fact, Xia Jian had long expected that Ma Xiaoli would not give in so easily,I didn’t expect her to talk like this,I will give you a piece of chaff first,Then I’ll give you another kick。
Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,She laughed and said:“What Director Ma said is too light,Let’s talk about the level of rent,But avoidance is absolutely impossible”
“At least save us a year,Because once we pass,I will rent your shop in the whole building,It’s not a matter of two rooms,If you agree to this matter,We will sign immediately”Xue Wanshan said very firmly。
Wang Lin,Look awkward,She hurriedly looked at Xia Jian。Xia Jian is in charge of this matter。
First0483chapter Take down
The conversation has touched on substantive issues,This is a conversation between the top leaders of the two companies,There must be no mistakes,Otherwise they will be underestimated。
Everyone is watching Xia Jian,No one speaks,The atmosphere seemed tense for a while。Time passes by one minute and one second,It seems that this moment is very long。
“it is good!I promise you,Not only free for the first year,Give your company a 50% discount in the second year”Xia Jian suddenly said loudly。As soon as he said this,It surprised Xue Wanshan,This young man is not talking about it, right?!
Ma Xiaoli was even more surprised, her mouth closed。Wang Lin reminded Xia Jiandao in a low voice:“President Xia,I’m afraid this won’t work!This opening is also a bit big“
Xia Jian turned a deaf ear to Wang Lin’s words,He fixedly looked at Xue Wanshan’s expression,He wants him to have nowhere to go in this matter。Xue Wanshan laughed after a long while:“President Xia really is a cheerful person,I love dealing with people like you very much。Speak!What are the conditions?“
“Additional conditions?“Ma Xiaoli asked a little surprised。
Xue Wanshan laughed and said:“They are also businessmen,Business is about profit,Remember,Pie in the sky“
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Mr. Xue is really good,My condition is for you,It’s a trivial matter,I request,While you are here,Please bring your colleagues there,Business is motivated by competition,And each of you should be unique,There is no conflict of interests“