“Since you were introduced by him,Show me what he gave you”

Fuming took out the stone-shaped information device in the bracelet and handed it to Morfin,Morfin took it and opened it,Confirmed,Then he smiled and looked at Fuming。
“It was indeed given to him by me,Hello there,I am Morfin,This is my daughter Moqing”
“Ye Fuming!”
Morfin raised his hand to falsely quote“Let’s talk first,People here are a bit noisy”
Nodded,Followed the two into the forging shop。
Fuming and looking around,Hanging on the wall are several weapons,Fuming stepped forward and touched it“This is a black iron level weapon?”
Mo Feng looked slightly surprised at Fuming“It is indeed black iron level,My ability is limited,The platinum level has only forged three positions so far!”
Fuming said with a smile:“Already great,Many people can’t forge platinum level in their lifetime,You can forge three that are already very powerful”
Morfin smiled and shook his head“Compared with Qin Kai, your mouth,It’s so much better,His mouth is too poisonous”
Fuming smiled dumbly。
“Please have tea”
The two are talking,Mo Qing brought up two cups of tea。
“Thank you”
“Not much gossip,Let me see how your weapon is!”Morfin looked at Fuming and said。
Fuming nodded and took out the halberd,The bright silver halberd shone dazzlingly under the light,Morfin looked at the halberd in front of him,Suddenly stunned。
Fu Ming raised his hand and handed the Broken God Halberd to Morfin,Morfin just realized,Raised his hand and said:“You wait,I will prepare!”