Three pulses and seven chakras in yoga

Three pulses and seven chakras in yoga

Yoga is also a spiritual practice. Only through spiritual practice can we tap into our inner potential, awaken and enlighten our inner sleeping energy.

Yoga is a method of uniting the practitioner’s body with the supremacy of the universe to achieve unity between heaven and man.

Yoga can consciously control various emotions and tendencies.

Yoga asanas, breathing, and purification methods are only prepared for the mind, because it is not easy to reach the realm of heaven and man unity and enlightenment, and people are only used to observing and verifying the external world, but they are not used to observing the inner world., Discover the human body itself to understand the secrets of life.

In order to achieve the supreme goal, the first is non-persistence, which includes non-persistence in thought, desire, and emotion.

Is it difficult to achieve in a materialistic society?

  Only in the deepest state of meditation and meditation, the intuitive knowledge obtained directly from within itself is the highest knowledge.

  There is powerful spiritual energy in the human body, lurking in the bottom of the spine (under the perineum), and most people don’t know the secret.

  The practitioner is to awaken this sleeping soul to rise along the spine, pass through seven neurovascular plexuses (ie chakras) in the spine, and combine with the top chakra of the brain to reach the highest level.

  There are countless fine nerve veins in the human body, also known as meridians, which are channels of energy transportation, numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Some are blunt, fine, and invisible to the naked eye.

Fourteen of these nerves are serious, three of which are the most important: the midrib, the left vein, the right vein, and the midrib are particularly important. The practitioner cannot achieve great results without this.

  The midrib is in the spinal cord and rises from the subsea wheel (perineal point) at the tail of the spine to the top point.

The left pulse is as early as the right side of the middle pulse, the name is Yang pulse, and the sex is hot.

The lowest intersections of the left, middle, and right three veins are at the seafloor at the caudal end of the spine, and it is a reservoir of cosmic energy, or spirit heat.

The energy here can only arouse great wisdom after being awakened after refining and meeting with the top wheel.

  The human spine has 24 vertebrae, 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, and 5 lumbar vertebrae. All nerve veins originate from the spinal cord.

The asana method is to exercise this spine bone, so that the 24 spine is flexible and unobstructed.

There are dozens of important acupuncture points on the left and right sides of Du Ermai, so the Qi is often used to clear the three veins, which can enhance physical fitness. There are seven rounds on the midrib.The heart chakra, the throat chakra, the eyebrow chakra, and the top chakra are all raised in the porous.

Different wheels control different emotions and feelings of human beings, as well as different glands of the human body.