Luo one by one,Ran over,Gently grab a piece of beef with two fingers,Throw it in your mouth without any pretentiousness。Chewed and smiled:“Not bad!This tastes really good”

“Hey!now it’s right。One is my good art,Second, this beef is raised in our village,So it’s hard to smell bad”Xia Zecheng heard Luo said it was delicious,He immediately felt a lightness。
Everyone is happily talking and laughing,Moved the small dining table by the fire。Cold beef,Steaming lamb soup,In addition, there are a few vegetables grown in their own greenhouses in Xiping Village,Luo Yi was very happy。
“Your wife is nice,It seems not difficult to wait”Chen Erniu whispered to Xia Jian。
Luo Yi heard a little,She gently touched Xia Jian and asked:“What do you brother say about me?”
“He said you are a nice wife,Not difficult to wait”Xia Jian was laughing,So he said what Chen Erniu said just now。Differences between North and South,Of course the accent is different。It’s just that the accent of Xia Jian’s hometown is not heavy,Luo Yi can basically understand what he said。
Xia Jian originally thought he said this,Luo Yi will definitely be shy,Unexpectedly, she smiled and said:“of course,Marry the chicken,Marry a dog。What kind of life does Xia Jian lead?,As soon as I followed Luo,At this point,I am unambiguous”
“it is good!You are really my good sister-in-law!Drink one!”Chen Erniu laughed,Raised the glass。
“Who are you two?Don’t call me if you drink”With a crisp and pleasant sound,Ma Yan walked in in white snow。
This is an uninvited guest,Everyone was stunned for a while。No one would have thought,Ma Yan will come at this time。Xia Jian was panicked,Because he doesn’t know,What is Ma Yanlai doing??
Luo Yi’s reaction was quick,She stood up quickly,Two steps to Ma Yan’s side,First pat the snow off her for her,And then pulled her to sit beside。
“We met today,It seems to be the village chief Ma!You are not easy,Can make your village like this,Really admirable”Luo said,Took a pair of chopsticks and handed them to Ma Yan’s hand。
Ma Yan didn’t expect Luo Yi to be so enthusiastic about her,By contrast,What she did this morning was a bit stingy。Ma Yan said with a red face:“This is the credit of Mr. Xia,When i took over,The construction of the village has basically taken shape”
“Don’t be polite。 I walked around today,You guys have contributed a lot。Xiping Village belongs to everyone,So only everyone works together,Xiping Village can develop better”Xia Jian quickly agreed and said a few words。
Ma Yan snorted:“Stop being official,It’s not your family that’s sitting here now,Is your friend。Moreover,You are not a leader anymore”