Li Hui, who came out of the court, took directly with Han Shanshan to the location of the mountain.。

In place,Han Shanshan is surprised to look at the lames of lush jungle,The mountain is full of flowers,There are also a variety of vegetation,The land around the mountain is also full of grass.,Some even one is high。
In this way,Why can’t I see what money in Han Shan’s eyes?。
“Lee,What should you do with??
Not afraid of paying this??”
“Hey-hey,Not afraid,The village head is coming.,I called the village head.,There is also the accounting of the village will come over.,Square, you have to help me fight hard.,After all, the more these sand land, the more opportunities can be returned.。”
Li Hui Feng is in the case of Han Shanshan asking,I know that the other party has not seen this mountain farm and sand.。
The more like this,He feels good to take advantage of it.。
“I didn’t expect that I haven’t seen it for a few years.,You have a big change.,I actually know that I am helping me.,This is to be the former, but you will not find someone else to help.。”
“Say,If I helped you,What benefits are you given me??”
Chapter 365
Looking at Han Shanshan’s pair of ritter,Li Hui is not a smile.。
“What is the benefits of the class??”
“OK, you,Actually, I will take the initiative to ask.,Let me talk about what benefits you can give me?。”
In Han Shanshan, this Lianhua Village is really nothing to attract her.,If there is,It is also the environment of lotus village.,The mountain clear water show gives a very comfortable feeling。
“Forehead,Can I ask the team to eat??”
Original Li Hui, I want to say to Han Shanshan an apple.,But think about him, I still count.,After all, the apple is a bit against the sky.,Now he is so curious about why the apples don’t have the same anti-day.。
“Um,Also calculate,But if I am a big meal,And I have to eat in your big yard.,Don’t go to the county’s places。”
This requirement for Han Shanshan,Li Hui is naturally consent.。
“Hey-hey,This is completely no problem,We have a lot of delicacies here.,Guarantee that the squad leader can eat a meal。”
“Less words,When I arrived, I found not you said.,I will report to the principal.。”
Han Shanshan said that this is coming to see the distance,I saw Xu Laifu and Liu Dafu are the fire.。
“breeze,How do you come here?,I have a lot of sand land around this surrounding.。”
Xu Laifu saw that Li Hui Feng and Han Shanshan two people privately,I have a little urgent in my heart.,It is necessary to use Li Hui to look into his future son-in-law.。
Liu Dafu also quickly took the recorded information and handed Han Shanshan.。
Li Hui is not thinking that Xu Lai Fu actually gave it so soon.,He quietly approaches Xu Laifu,Laugh:“uncle,Are you too fast this speed?,This surrounding sand land is good.?”
When Li Hui speaks, try to draw a big circle.。
Xu Laifu is naturally a clear meaning of Li.,Laugh:“Do not worry,Will not let you lose,We look at the secretary with the Korean secretary.,Anyway, the Secretary, South Korea today should also come over and review.。”
“Old village head, you can kill me this.,I just came to see it.,Talking about the review。”
“Hahaha, now you are now talking about doing things, don’t we don’t have these old fritters.,Let it go,I have a look at you.。”
Say,Xu Laifu is in front of the road,Xu Laofu, Xu Laofu, constantly,At the same time, it is also the reason why there are dozens of acres with Han Shanshan.。
“Korean secretary,Half of these hundred acres is the wasteland,And the small wind spent so much money,We can’t give him a wasteland.,So just give a fifty acre of sand,If he is willing to work in the wasteland, he is his,I don’t want us to give him a good impression.。”
Han Shanshan heard Xu Laifu’s explanation,Also understand。
This is the benefit of Li Hui’s benefits.,But but let people don’t have a handle.。
However, she is not a counted by a kg this time.。
Basically, as long as it is not too much,She will not say more.。
on the way,Liu Dafu has been full of sweating,Walking。