Signature Yoga Shapes Feminine Body

Signature Yoga Shapes Feminine Body

Yoga can exercise people’s flexibility and balance, so yoga practitioners generally have enviable bodies. Below are a few simple yoga movements that don’t require much time, you can practice at any time!

As long as you keep practicing, you will see unexpected results!

  Chair-style A presses and feet tightly, squatting down a few feet, as if you were sitting in a chair.

Hold your skull above your head, palms facing each other.

  B. Keep the front position, lift your upper right about 12 feet from the ground. Keep this position and take three deep breaths.

Lower your leg, then lift your left leg and repeat this exercise, doing each leg twice.

  Combat A with his feet contracted tightly, his left foot extended backwards, and his toes touched the ground.

Open your arms above your head and clasp your hands together.

Keep your retinas and hips straight with your body facing forward.

  B Put your left leg behind you and raise it, slowly lower your upper body until the left leg and upper body are parallel to the ground. Keep doing this three deep breaths, then change your legs.

Do this ten times per leg.

  Note: Do not bow back or loosen the clenched hands when doing the action.

  Pigeon fractures can stretch your waist and hips.

  Sit on your heels while aiming at the bend.

Keep your shoulders upright and your upper body leaning forward slightly.

Straighten your left leg slowly, become behind you, and touch the ground with your feet.

Extend your left foot forward to forward of your right leg, while pressing down on your right waist joint.

(It doesn’t matter if you don’t reach it.

) Hold this position for 5 deep breaths, then repeat and repeat.

  Combine yoga diet, let yourself lose weight as soon as possible: Ginger radish extract method: carrot, white radish, ginger, yogurt, black pepper, vegetable cream, fennel seeds, chives, Indian curry, etc.: Carrots, white radishes are rich in vitamins, as well as trace elements such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, etc., digestion with gas, cough and phlegm, and dehydration; yoghurt is a low sugar substance, which has a cosmetic and slimming effect; ginger,Black pepper has the functions of warming the spleen and kidney, dispersing cold, and strengthening the stomach; fennel seeds can eliminate abdominal flatulence and help trigger allergic problems; Indian curry is used for flavoring.

  Avocado with pineapple papaya sauce Method: Avocado and spinach leaves, almonds, vegetable oil, blend with pineapple papaya sauce Reason: Avocado is rich in glycerin, protein and vitamins, moisturizing without greasy.

It not only supplements the fiber, but also brings a fresh taste.