Speed up blood circulation by penetrating corresponding meridians

Speed up blood circulation by penetrating corresponding meridians

Cervical spondylosis is a major scourge that injures modern people. In addition to professional medical methods, there is actually a simple action—the “sacral frame”
, which can relieve the pain caused by cervical spondylosis.


hzh{display:none;}  北京中医药大学基础医学院教授胡素敏告诉《生命时报》记者:“颈椎病、腰肌劳损患者用背部蹭门框,可起到舒筋活血的作用,能辅助治疗这些疾病.
“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the foot Shaoyin kidney meridian, the foot sun bladder meridian, and the superficial veins all pass on the back, and when the corresponding viscera appears, it will appear in the passing part.

  The theory of acupuncture says that “it’s better to lose its acupoints than to lose its meridians”, so when people don’t know where the acupuncture points are caused, the meridian intervention also has a certain effect.

Professor Hu said that you can use the upper and lower middle vertebrae to align the edges of the door frame, squeeze gently on the door frame, and gently move up and down, about 20 times per minute, try to squeeze the entire spine.

  If you find a particular pain when you move up and down, you can do a slight left and right shaking here, and block here from light to severe for several days in a row.

1 on each side of the spine.

Repeat for 5 and 3 inches.

  Professor Hu said that for some diseases such as spine fractures, spinal tumors, and spinal tuberculosis, patients are likely to mistakenly think that it is general low back pain, but the cardia frame may affect the condition, so be sure to go to the hospital for a clear diagnosis before choosing.