China Space Station’s comprehensive construction curtain officially opened

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ignite!" In the early morning of May 10th, accompanied by exciting live passwords, the Long March VII of the Tianzhou No. 4 freight ships No. 7, the rocket, rose to the ground, straight, straight, straight, straight, straight, straight, straight, straight Rush into space, the launch has achieved a complete success. After a few hours of flight, Tianzhou 4 successfully completed the connection with the core compartment of the space station.

This is the first launch of the China Space Station’s construction task in 2022, marking the official opening of the China Space Station. In the first battle, it will laid a solid foundation for the steady promotion of the project tasks of my country’s space station.

Tianzhou 4: Reporters with 6 tons of supplies to the space station reporter learned from the Fifth Hospital of the Aerospace Technology Group of Tianzhou IV. In this task, Tianzhou 4 loaded the aerospace staff system, space station system, space application field, and the field of space applications, and the field of space applications, and the field of space applications. A total of more than 200 goods (sets) of cargo ship system, including cargo packaging goods and directly installation of cargo, carrying a supplementary propelled agent about 750kg, and the total weight of the uplink materials is about 6000kg. Provide material guarantees in the field of space applications such as rail residence, space station assembly and construction, launching material science, micro -gravity, and aerospace medical test. Yang Sheng, director of the Fifth Hospital of Aerospace Science and Technology Group Tianzhou Freight Ship System, introduced that as a ground logistics to the spacecraft as a space station, the Tianzhou freight ship adopts a model spectrum plan, which designed a full seal, semi -secret semi -seal semi -seal semi -seal semi -seal semi -seal semi -seal semi -seal semi -sealing semi -sealing semi -seal. Open and open three types of cargo compartment modules, form a comprehensive sealing cargo spacecraft, semi -densely sealed semi -open freight ships, and fully open freight ships.

"Tianzhou -4 freight ship is a full -seal cargo spacecraft, which is the cargo spacecraft with the largest transportation capacity and the most comprehensive support capabilities in active cargo.

"Yang Sheng said that it assumed the mission of providing material guarantee for Shenzhou 14th multiplication group, the mission of space station support and launching space science experiments at rail operations. During the stop of the space station, the cargo supply and pushing agent were supplemented.

In order to ensure the safe express delivery of the goods to the "Space House", Tianzhou -4 adopts a variety of cargo loading methods such as cargo bags, brackets, and storage boxes. Control, grid power supply, space station remote testing, data transmission support and other space station operation support tasks, as well as space scientific experimental support capabilities.

Long March 7: For the first time, the test cycle shortened to the first month of the Aerospace Technology Group, Shao Yitao, the overall chief director of the Lange Rockets No. 7, said that this time is the fourth time that the long -seven rockets and the Tianzhou series cargo spacecraft go to space, " The "passenger" of the "passenger" of the express delivery is very "tacit", the overall technical status of the Rockets has gradually stabilized, and the international advanced level of flight reliability assessment has reached the international advanced level.

According to reports, in this task, the Rockets have 17 technical states such as pre -shooting process optimization and reliability improvement. Among them, adding liquid oxygen and oil on parallel in the launch date, reducing the pre -shooting preparation time, reducing the requirements of the weather protection of personnel equipment, and improving the reliability of launch; At the same time as the test coverage, reducing repetitive testing; some arrows are installed on the launching ground after the arrows are installed on the launching ground, and some test items are carried out before the factory … Through this series of measures, the rocket hair test cycle has been reduced by 4 days. 31 days have been reduced to 27 days. This is also the first time that the long -seven rockets have completed the test and launch in one month.

It is worth mentioning that the launching task Long March 7 carrier rocket for liquid oxygen-kerosene and oil parallel injection, reducing the 12-hour process of launching to 8 hours.

"This is a very challenging job. The research team must examine each system, confirm countless scenes, imagine the coordination of many parties, and then complete the organic integration of the rocket multi -launch process.

"Shao Yitao said.

In the process of transporting and controlling the "Tian Luo" unblocked logistics and distribution channel, in order to capture and monitor the transportation trajectory of the "courier" in real time, the measurement and control communication system has set up multiple models of unified measurement and control systems, remote testing systems, and remote testing systems at all measures and control stations at home and abroad. , Relay satellites, etc., weave a three -dimensional communication and control network together, and track and capture the "express delivery" position in all directions. In the process of sending aircrafts to the carrier rocket, multi-model unified measurement control systems, telemetry systems, and series measurement and control communication equipment are woven to highly efficient and reliable "empty-ground information highway network". By receiving and sending instructions The speed, distance, flying posture and angle of the aircraft provides precise data for the Rockets launch and the successful track of Tianzhou 4, and control the aircraft to fly according to the scheduled trajectory.

Xie Jie, the chief expert of China Electric Power Group, introduced that with the development of my country’s aerospace technology, measurement and control technology is also increasing. For key functions, the local sending function of the escape instruction also provides important guarantees for the security of the launch stage. In the process of connecting the spacecraft, the measurement and control communication system also adopts three -dimensional visualization technology to provide effective basis for task execution through real -time scene display.

In order to clearly display the docking process, the state of the spacecraft needs to be monitored throughout the process. It is understood that more than ten kinds of sensors are equipped inside the spacecraft to measure signals such as pressure, temperature, humidity, gas, displacement and other signals in each system, while monitoring the environmental stability and running in the cabin. (Responsible editor: Zhao Zhuqing, Gao Lei) Share let more people see recommended reading.