Eat bread before going to bed and say goodbye to nightmares

Eat bread before going to bed and say goodbye to nightmares

When blood sugar is too low, people will feel tired, lazy, tired, violent, and unresponsive.

The study also found that hypoglycemia may also cause difficulty after falling asleep, making it easy for people to wake up in a nightmare, screaming, sweating, and difficulty falling back to sleep.

  Why is hypoglycemia related to nightmares?

  Experimental studies have confirmed that people in the sleep process will alternate between fast wave sleep and slow wave sleep.

Fast-wave sleep is also called “dream sleep,” and people dream of happening in this ranking.

Studies have shown that in the process of fast wave sleep, human nerve excitation is increased, and protein synthesis in the brain is accelerated.

When blood sugar is too low, the brain’s energy supply is insufficient, protein synthesis is blocked, and the fast-wave sleep time is prolonged. At this time, the nerve excitability will increase, and the nightmare may occur at any time.

On the other hand, when blood sugar is normal, during the process of sleep, protein anabolism, energy supply, etc. are in a normal physiological state, fast-wave sleep and slow-wave sleep are alternately ordered, and the nervous system is not over-excited, soNot easy to have nightmares.

  Plasma foods can correct hypoglycemia. If you often have nightmares, try not to stop eating a few slices of bread or two small biscuits before going to bed. You can also drink a cup of sugared milk.

This may help you reduce nightmares and improve your sleep quality.

  It is worth mentioning that some people with diabetes have difficulty falling asleep and have a lot of nightmares (this is often overlooked).

This is often associated with the prevalence of hypoglycemia in diabetic patients.

Therefore, when the patient often has hypoglycemia at night, consider adjusting the medication or adding a small amount of food before going to bed.

Of course, these are best done under the guidance of a doctor.