Chapter 583 Where is the grass in the world?

Xiaoyu into and out,Busy is busy,Or pull the wine with a board,Or is a sea bowl with full dishes。
Night Ming Baozhu inlaid roof,Interior rockery,On the shallow pool,A passionate is proud of the pool。
A monkey hanging on the pine branch,Monkey Wang Sun Wukong。
He has bind his own hands,Hamed on the tree,People who do their hands are self-evident,That is, monkey copper tin bones,I can’t find the way I can’t find the work.,Otherwise, the bullman has already killed him.。
Compared with the monkey of the backhillion,A few tables next door will live more.,Pushing cup change,Big Brother is not happy。
Another female demon music dance,Walking next to a few demon kings,Or more,Try to sell your own,Want to climb high branches tonight。
Change,Several demon princes may play a play,But today is not,The protagonist of the banquet is not them。
Seat,The new leader of the new promotion is a wine glass,Take the shoulders of the Kings:“Second brother,Don’t be sad.,Think about her a grassland for you.,You are the cow.,Listen to the big brother,Want to see before,Where is the grass in the world?,Old cattle should eat teenagers。”
The second brother is a cow,No problem。
Don’t ask Liao Jie to turn into a big brother,This is an obvious thing。
And not to say that the monsters worship,Who is a big brother?,Single is a social maturity of several demon kings,Liao Jie is not a big brother,They first disagreed。
Mirror,No one has a lot of big brothers,Do not bother。
Again the banana fan,At this moment, I have been taken by Liao Jie.,May be because of cross-border,The imprint of the original Niu Devil is still disappeared by the imprint of the fan.,He worked slightly and engraved his own mind mark.,By the way, a campaign has been newly edited.。
Hereed,The banana fan is completely his shape,Here,Changeable size, anywhere。
This is a good thing to the Niu Dey.,Liao Jie a lot of efforts,No need to sacrifice the color phase,Pretending to be a monkey to find a small sweet sweet flower.。
“Be right,Coward,Big brother is right!”
“Two brother,Brothers know you sad,After all, Da Yan is your first love.,There can be a sentence.,First love is used to practice。”
“wrong,First love is not,Single is。”
“exactly,Single is。”
Alcohol,Several demon kings took a segment,The atmosphere is very happy,In the heartpThe cattle devil king can’t help but laugh.。
Liao Jie’s famous person,Not good at Huang Duanzi,But in order to cooperate with them,Or do it make it feel like it,Triumph:“I first came to the small taoist,Mouth stupid、Brain is not enough,Also, this will be low, and it is not a world.,Life is not born, I am afraid of being sold.,If you encounter a few kind,I really don’t know what to do.。”
“Man of few words,It’s all in the wine.,Today is a drunk,I am free,You don’t give me face.!”
Tonne ton!x6
Six demon puts down the wine glass,Wipe the wine of the mouth,And the monkeys hanging on the tree are simultaneously in silence,Dark road to worship today,Is the biggest mistake of demon。
Six demon kings,Liao Jie is not,Oral brother,Even the surface is not,No one cares。