The medicine is not as good as the food supplement. Eat these 5 colors of ingredients, and the winter disease is not healthy.

The medicine is not as good as the food supplement. Eat these 5 colors of ingredients, and the winter disease is not healthy.

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Introduction In the autumn season, the weather is still very hot. After the fall, it is still a “volt”, and the “autumn tiger” still exists.

The folks have the slang of “a hot and dead person after the fall,” so they still have to pay attention to heatstroke prevention.

Furthermore, autumn is the last season before winter, so be sure to grab the tail of your health and prepare for the cold winter!

Li Qiu does not maintain health, winter sick upper body!

The medicine is not as good as the food supplement, the five colors are in the five internal organs, and the year is healthier.

Want to have a good body, the health of the five internal organs is the foundation!

The red heart is a fire, corresponding to red, then we should pick red food when we need to make up the heart.

■ Tomatoes, also known as tomatoes, are rich in vitamins and lycopene.

Lycopene has anti-oxidation, protects low-density lipoprotein from oxidative degradation, thereby lowering blood lipids and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

■ Red Bean is also known as the “Valley of Hearts” in ancient red beans. Eating red beans can reduce heart and blood, and the crude fiber contained in red beans can reduce blood fat, lower blood pressure and improve heart function.

The red bean has a starch content similar to that of grain, and the protein content exceeds the grain, so red beans can be eaten instead of the staple food.

The yellow spleen and spleen and stomach are mainly transported and belong to the soil.

The yellow color in the five rows is soil. Therefore, after the yellow food is absorbed, its nutrients are mainly concentrated in the spleen and stomach area.

■ Pumpkin wants to spleen and stomach, and pumpkin is a good choice.

The pectin contained in the pumpkin is good for protecting the gastric mucosa of the stomach, and is suitable for people suffering from stomach diseases.

Moreover, the ingredients contained in the pumpkin can also help the food to digest.

■ Oranges are cool and sweet, and have the effect of thirst, appetizing and qi.

After eating greasy food, you can eat oranges to ease the greasy feeling of food.

And orange peel has the effect of spleen, if the appetite is not good, you can use orange peel to boil water, slightly bitter taste, can help increase appetite, relieve spleen and stomach discomfort.

Cyan liver is in the diet, because the “hepatic master cyan”, cyan food can promote the role of liver, so especially eat some natural green vegetables.

■ celery Chinese medicine believes: celery is spicy, slightly sweet, cool.

It has the functions of calming the liver, relieving the form, diarrhea, and soothe the nerves.

The nutrients in celery are very rich, and when the liver fire is strong every day, insomnia and irritability, you can use celery to relieve.

Celery also contains vitamin E, which can inhibit antioxidant, whiten skin and prevent skin aging.

■ Dandelion dandelion is a good liver food for green!

Among the health advantages, the most influential is the first to protect the liver, clear the liver and prevent liver damage.

Dandelion enters the liver and has excellent liver cleansing and enhancing effects. It can help the liver and gallbladder, can discharge liver toxicity, and can enhance liver regeneration.

But dandelion is relatively cold, so it is recommended to long-term merger, can replace the dandelion black tea after fermentation, can reduce cold, suitable for long-term acceptance.

In the white lung-raising Chinese medicine, there is a statement that “the lungs are delicate and dirty”, “the warmth is affected by the evil, and the lungs are first committed”, meaning that the lungs are the organs most vulnerable to external harmful substances.

■ Tremella For the cold body, the white fungus is a food that raises the lungs than Sydney.

And the white fungus is relatively warm, whether it is the stomach is not good, or the body is colder.

Tremella is sweet, light, non-toxic, and is a nourishing good.

Can benefit Qi and clear the intestines, and together with Sydney can stew soup.

■ Chinese yam yam is a good product for raising lungs and moistening dryness. It is suitable for dry skin and dry throat in autumn.

Yam contains a variety of protein and starch, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, nutritious tonic, improve coronary heart disease and other effects, yam is most suitable for food supplements in the fall.

Black kidney is black into the kidney, the kidney is one of our five organs, and the kidney is called the innate.

Using black food to tonify the kidneys is also delaying our life.
Black food is represented by “black five”, including black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, black dates, and walnuts.
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