White-collar health: how to do after swollen feet after a nap

White-collar health: how to do after swollen feet after a nap

What to do if the foot is swollen after a nap.

I came to work early in the morning, maybe I didn’t have time to eat breakfast, I didn’t have a good time to go to work, and after a morning, I could rest for a while, but when I woke up, I found my feet swollen, even by hand.,What’s wrong?

The following small series comes to the detailed introduction: Do not neglect the phenomenon of swollen feet after a nap, if the feet have edema, but the time is short, sometimes it will disappear when you sleep, and then begin to swell after noon, this is physiologicalSexual edema, not related to abnormalities, mostly due to eating disorders, sedentary or long standing cause cycle failure, or caused by physiological cycle, pregnancy or taking birth control pills, injection of ovulation drugs.

In addition, excessive fatigue, work day and night upside down, will also hinder the body’s water running, resulting in edema.

Physiological edema can be alleviated by improving lifestyle and eating habits.

  Pathological edema disease edema refers to the continuous improvement of edema, sometimes unilateral edema, and combined with other symptoms, such as walking or climbing stairs will be asthma, high blood pressure, proteinuria and other issues.

At this time, it is best to go to the hospital for a check to see if you have a heart, liver and kidney or thyroid problems.

  Standing for a long time, maintaining the same posture, gravity caused by poor venous return, resulting in lower body edema can be improved by some small methods.

If wearing elastic socks, use external pressure to reduce edema.

The correct way to wear is to “lie down and lie down,” so as to avoid blood accumulation on the feet and prevent the edema of the lower body.

Then pay attention to raising the calf before going to bed, do not sit or stand for a long time.

  Physiological period edema women before the physiological cycle due to pelvic congestion, the uterus becomes larger and oppressed to the lower limbs, affecting blood circulation and causing edema.

Therefore, the diet of the physiological cycle is very important.

Try to minimize salt intake; you can eat some foods that help you drain the body, such as psyllium, red beans, mung beans, winter melon soup, etc., use 茯苓, lotus leaves to boil water in a ratio of 1:1, add some sugar to blendIt helps to eliminate excess water from the physiological cycle.

  When a woman produces a similar physiological cycle, it causes the uterus to become larger, affecting blood circulation and causing edema. In addition, due to the influence of progesterone, the body’s metabolic water condition deteriorates and the body may have edema.

Therefore, to improve postpartum edema in women, it can be used to tonify kidney and promote blood circulation to remove body water.

Such as Huanren Red Bean Soup, can strengthen the stomach, blood, but also achieve the effect of milk.

Brown sugar ginger soup, boiled with ginger and skin, has the effect of promoting blood circulation, and can also prevent colds.

  The above is the small swelling for you to introduce the phenomenon of swollen feet after a nap, warm reminder, for the phenomenon of foot swelling must be caused to avoid, so as not to affect the health of the body.