Five mistakes in eating breakfast Eating while walking or causing stomach ptosis

Five mistakes in eating breakfast “Eating while walking” or causing stomach ptosis

The day is “morning”.
Whether it is work or study, an energetic morning is very important for everyone.
But how can you be energized?
Xu Xinzhu, a nutritionist at the Clinical Nutrition Department of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is indispensable for a supplementary energy breakfast.
Although the importance of breakfast has received more and more attention from everyone, there are still some people who deal with it indiscriminately at breakfast, and some people have some misunderstandings about eating breakfast.
.hzh {display: none; }  误区1  牛奶+鸡蛋  为何要在这里提到这种搭配呢?It’s not that these two things can’t be eaten at the same time, but it means that if you simply consume these two kinds of food for breakfast, it will cause waste.
Breakfast should not only have eggs, milk, but also the “quality” of high-quality protein, but also have the “quantity” that can provide calories, and the quality is the ideal breakfast.
Only when the carbohydrates are sufficient, can the protein play its higher level, otherwise it will “burn” itself to provide heat, so that it is consumed as heat.
  Remedy: Add some cereals such as buns, taro or bread.
  Misunderstanding 2 Eating only fruit I often hear some women who love beauty say that they only eat fruit for breakfast, the purpose is to lose weight and beauty, but they don’t know that it may be counterproductive in the long run.
The fruit contains only vitamins, minerals and cellulose. These are essential substances for the human body, but it only contains a small amount of carbohydrates and very little protein. It can’t meet our metabolic needs in the morning, so the human body willSelf-regulation, using the sugar and protein stored in the body, over time, there may be dry skin, wrinkles and other phenomena, accelerate the body’s aging.
  Remedy: increase dairy products (yoghurt or milk), whole grain products (oatmeal, whole wheat bread, etc.).
  Misunderstanding 3 While walking and eating, the rhythm of life is increasing. A large number of people like to eat while walking, even eating while eating, which is also very bad.
When the human body is eating, the gastrointestinal tract is busy working, and the blood supply here will be richer. If the human body is moving again, the “electric power supply” of the gastrointestinal tract will be diverted to a large extent, which will definitely affectThe normal digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract leads to gastritis and even sagging of the stomach.
  Remedy: It is the most fundamental way to cure the disease and completely abandon this habit. Get up 15-20 minutes early every day and wake up for half an hour and then sit down and have breakfast.
  误区4   空腹喝酸奶  酸奶对于肠道的好处多多,因此也备受大家的欢迎,但是空腹喝酸奶确不是太好,空腹时人体胃酸浓度比较高,酸奶中的益生菌很容易被胃酸破坏失去应Some value; and yogurt can stimulate gastric acid secretion, if there is no food neutralizing stomach acid at this time, long-term, it may lead to gastritis, induced gastric ulcer and other diseases.
  Remedy: While eating yogurt, eat some carbohydrate foods such as noodles, buns, bread, etc.
  Misunderstanding 5 Irregular eating time Some people eat breakfast, the combination is reasonable, that is, the eating time is irregular, one is to eat breakfast immediately in bed, the other is to start eating near noon.
The time of eating is either too short, rushed to eat in 5 minutes, or it is too long, drink a morning tea for 1-2 hours, this is not very good, eating time is too short, is not conducive to the secretion of digestive juice, affecting digestionEating too long will continue to ingest food and cause excessive food intake.
  Remedy: Under normal circumstances, breakfast time is scheduled to be 6:30-8:30, or half an hour after getting up, the feeding time is controlled at 15-20 minutes.