Autumn Health Care Act

Autumn Health Care Act

Encourage the spirit.

The autumn leaves are deciduous, and everything is dying, which often makes people feel touched, especially in old age.

Therefore, the elderly should adjust their spirits. During the daytime, they should do whatever they want to do, play casually, and actively participate in some social activities that are beneficial and able to do so, to maintain an optimistic and upward mood, in order to get out of the inevitable realm of desolate and low.

  Nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs.

Autumn air is dry, coupled with the body’s consumption of fluid in the summer, prone to sore mouth sores, nasal and dry skin, sore throat, cough, constipation and other “autumn dry” phenomenon.

You can choose to take some nourishing Yin and lung supplement or porridge.

Such as sand ginseng, lily, white fungus, sesame plus the previous rice, crystal sugar can be porridge, take morning and evening to prevent autumn dryness and hurt people.

  Go to bed early and get up early, in order to consolidate the spirit, so that the lungs are infinitely dry and dry, thus maintaining ample vitality.

The autumn wind rises, the climate is dry, and the autumn morning is high and the air is fresh. It is a good time for the air to be the wettest in the autumn day.

  Autumn is cool and should be frozen.

As the saying goes: “A cold autumn rains a little”, and the temperature difference between the day and night in the fall, should be increased or decreased at any time to prevent autumn cold.

However, in order to improve the body’s ability to protect the cold in winter, some people with weak respiratory resistance and susceptibility to bronchitis should be frozen in autumn to ensure that the body is smoothly connected with the autumn cold from the summer heat.

To enhance the body’s ability to adapt to climate change and cold resistance.

  Conditioning diet.

In autumn, the climate is dry, the air temperature is low, and the sweat evaporates quickly. It should be supplemented with some water and vitamins B and C. Usually, apples and green leafy vegetables can be eaten to help prevent dryness and nourish the lungs.

But in the fall, the sag is gluttony, in order to prevent the bad belly and damage the spleen and stomach.

Should also use less onions, ginger, garlic, leeks and peppers, such as warm and dry food, otherwise the summer heat is not clear, but also dry autumn, easy to suffer from fever.

Properly eating high-protein foods, such as milk, eggs and beans, can cause the brain to produce a special substance that can eliminate depression.

  Hiking in the countryside.

Autumn is the golden season for tourist mountaineering.

Excursions and mountaineering activities can enhance the body’s breathing and blood circulation, and enhance human lung capacity and cardiac contractility.

In particular, people who have lived in the city for a long time in the autumn outing can absorb more negative oxygen ions in the air, have good nutrition and regulate the appetite effect on the human nervous system, and effectively resist the invasion of the Qiqiu murderous gas.