Modern young woman is super attractive

Modern young woman is super attractive

How to maintain the beautiful body curve of prenatal women in postpartum is indeed a topic that every woman is also very concerned about, especially the star who is proud of the mainland Hong Kong and Taiwan stars. It is the most fashionable and hot mom of this century.They are the best women among women.

  The fascinating hot mom Zhong Lizhen is known as the most sexy and most eye-catching hot mom.

The beauty of the body is the result of a metal-like skin. The secret of a self-proclaimed figure is that it is born. The substitute comes from the tireless movement, so the coquettish mother Zhong Lizhen can be proud: I believe that today’s women can even have stronger as a mother.Attractive.

  Zhong Lizhen pays great attention to the first step of skin care – cleansing, in addition to using skin cleansing cream and cleansing cream, also use a soft facial brush to avoid the dirt to replace the pores, and then use a small amount of very high skin care products.

  Zhong Ma, who knows the skin care way, often uses eggs, fruits, honey and other natural skin care products to nourish the skin.

Hands and feet insist on dipping wax once a week.

Soak your hands and feet in wax water first; then wrap your hands and feet with rubber gloves or wrap. After 10 to 20 minutes of wax drying, remove the wax layer and the skin will show a bright luster.

  Sexy hot mom believes that if a child is born, he should enter the fitness gym for a month. Adherence to exercise is essential for maintaining postpartum shape.

In the film and television circle sports and fitness is almost an essential fitness program for every star mother. In addition to spending half an hour swimming every day, practicing walking stairs is also her daily project, and when I practice, I turn off the air-conditioning and let the body out.Sweat, so that the dirt that can be stuffed in the pores is completely discharged.

  It seems that it is not so easy to win the reputation of a sexy hot mom.

  Magnetic mother Jiang Wenli An Bixin slimming expert’s second endorsement star mother – Jiang Wenli uses her magnetic voice to tell her mother how to shape her body, and conquers all women with her postpartum graceful posture.

  In fact, Jiang Wenli, who was a mother, had once become uncontrollably fat because she belonged to a type that was easy to get fat. As long as she didn’t pay attention, the whole face was rounded up, and she thought that she could not suffer from weight loss. Jiang WenliIf you are not in favor of dieting and slimming, it is better to replace sweat with exercise, and then eat a meal to adjust a reasonable and healthy diet.

  In order to overcome the “central attraction”, she also has a slim body, and she asked experts to scientifically formulate a set of slimming tips.

  The secret is to eat a banana, an apple, and a dose of 8 calories to fill the stomach and have a beautiful skin.

After dinner, I will not eat anything.

  When the second syringe wants to eat chocolate or ice cream, it is replaced by drinking water or green tea.

  The secret of eating Chinese food is both rich and flawless.

Stir fry with low-fat vegetable oil and spray the salad oil with a watering can instead of pouring it.

  The secrets are cut into strips of carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and celery, all of which can be used as snacks. They can be stored in the refrigerator at any time, and can be taken with snacks.

  After the child is finished, ask the slimming expert to guide the exercise. Fix the training for two hours every day and use the special equipment in the fitness center.

  Slimming mother Chen Hong, as the first spokesperson of the Ambition slimming expert, is already the mother of two sons, Ms. Chen talks about her way of maintaining her body, only the word “bear”.

  Chen Hong is very “good” to eat, her body is a type that grows not fat, so it is very good, and the higher the conversion, the more like, snacks, chocolate, Shanghai cuisine, Italian cuisine is her favorite.

But as a big beauty who is famous in the film and television circle, it is still very careful.

So in order to avoid getting fat, Chen Hong still has a modest control diet.

Moreover, she uses the treadmill for 30 minutes every day, which not only helps to maintain a slim body, but also concentrates herself and feels more energetic.

Chen Hong suggested that new women should get up in the morning and only eat fruit, which is very helpful for clearing the skin.

  It seems that Chen Hong is indeed a lot cheaper than her star mom in how to keep her body.

However, in terms of skin care, it is sloppy.

  Chen Hong is a mixed skin, and the T-shaped part is easy to produce oil. Therefore, she chooses cosmetics to replace the skin without irritating, preferably a moisturizing skin care product containing natural natural ingredients.

At the same time, more sleep is also a major focus of her skin care, because artists sometimes take pictures to stay up all night, often staying up late will affect the skin, so when not filming, she will insist on the habit of going to bed early, fixed exercise.

  The beautiful mother Peng Ling Hong Kong star Peng Ling postpartum and prenatal appearance is simply a two-person, quickly recovering after the birth, but also more beautiful.

  Reveal your own weight loss tips – don’t eat sweets, don’t blindly follow, don’t be lazy and not reluctant.

Peng Ling, who shows the devil’s body like never before, thinks that the current physical condition is better than that of the baby, so she is willing to show her body. She will show her sexy body every three or five times. Peng Ling also generously reveals her slimming secret and reminds all friends who want to lose weight.Because of the excessive weight loss and the loss of health, and even suffering from anorexia, it is not worth the candle.

  Peng Ling gave her baby a weight of nearly 60 kilograms after she finished her baby. She thought she should have a good weight loss and started looking for a more effective slimming product. She said that South Korea has a slimming slimming product. It looks good after using it, soStart trying to take this slimming tea.

After half a year, Peng Ling’s weight reached her ideal result49.

5 kilograms, the excess meat on the body is gone, the small belly is also strong, and the body shape is more perfect and sexy because of the postpartum physiological characteristics, the whole person is turbulent.

  However, Peng Ling’s slimming effect is not entirely the light weight of this slimming tea, it is easy to achieve the purpose of slimming, she also continues to exercise in sports, she usually loves swimming, riding, whether or notSlimming, she has never been interrupted, plus running with her dog every day, naturally thin.

Therefore, in addition to the standard body, the whole person’s health is also very good. She highlights the two-pronged approach of sports and products, and reminds new women not to speculate on the idea of slimming. Slimming needs to be long-term.Plan, if you want to lose weight immediately, it may affect your health. This is something that people who want to lose weight should pay attention to.  These star mothers postpartum body sculpting books can be their secrets!

Mothers or expectant mothers in life give them a trick, you can also have a devil figure!