Beijing Winter Olympics Ice Project Venue

  National Speed ??Slide.

  Xinhua News Agency issued ■ National Swimming Center National Swimming Center, also known as "Water Cube."

During the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics, "Water Cube" will be converted to "Ice Cube", as a curling project, wheelchair curling project.

  Through "water ice conversion", the National Swimming Center as a "Shuang Ou" can freely switch between "water functions" and "Ice", and there is a capacity to carry out water sports, ice movement and various large-scale activities. . After the game, the museum will continue to switch between the swim season and ice, three seasons in spring and summer, for water sports, winter use to carry out ice exercise.

  ■ National Stadium National Stadium has held projects in 2008 Olympic gymnastics, trampoline.

Winter Olympics men’s ice hockey and winter disabled will be held after the transformation. After the venue, in addition to carrying out the ice hockey, you can also carry out items such as skating, short track speed and other projects, and have multi-functional conversion capabilities in summer motion.

  After the new renovation upgrade, the total area of ??the venue is about 10,000 square meters.

In the 5 ice venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabled, the national stadium has the largest area, the number of seats, the most participating athletes, and the complex events make up. ■ National Speed ??Sliding National Speed ??Sliding Museum is also known as "ice ribbon", is the only new ice competition venue in Beijing Winter Olympics, and the "Bird’s Nest" "Water Cube" to form the landmark building of "Shuang Oly" City. The National Speed ??Sliding Hall has the largest full ice design in Asia, with a ice surface area of ??10,000 square meters.

At the same time, "Ice Ribbon" is the first speed skating field in Winter Olympics as a refrigerant, which will bear the competition of speed skating projects, producing 14 gold medals, is a single venue in the Winter Olympics.

  ■ The capital gym of the capital is built in 1968. It is the first artificial indoor ice rink in China, held the 2008 Beijing Olympic volleyball match. During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, there will be a short track speed slip and the figure skating competition task, producing 14 gold medals.

  The Capital Gymnasium is the first completion of the first completion of the Beijing Winter Olympics: The appearance "is old as the old", continuing the classics; the venue focuses on "the most beautiful ice" to create a better viewing experience.

  ■ Wukesong Sports Center Wukesong Sports Center is the Beijing 2008 Olympic basketball competition site. At present, the conversion of two game modes of ice hockey and basketball can be implemented within 6 hours. It is the first venue in the country’s two professional sports events in the game. During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Wukesong Sports Center will host the women’s ice hockey project. After the Winter Olympics, the Wukesong Sports Center will become a general venues that can host ice hockey, short track speed, and three tricks.

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