Old Xiao’s voice,Really works,Xiao Xiao wakes up like a dream,Flushed,Push Xia Jian,Rolled into the woods on the side of the road。

Angry boar,Finally can’t help it,Howl,Pounced on Xiao Hei,Black is a well-trained bulldog,Bow,Like an arrow that has left the string。
“Take Xiao Hei away”Old Xiao shouted,But it’s late,Xiao Hei has fought with the boar。
Suddenly,A dog howling pig,Resounded throughout the forest,Xia Jian carrying a wooden stick,Rushed up,No way to start,Xiao Hei has bitten the wild boar’s neck,Helpless this guy is big and thick,Can’t help it for a while,The wild boar is so painful,Stepping on all fours。
Xia Jian has a look,Critical situation,Don’t let him think about it,Fuck the stick with both hands,The north facing the wild boar smashed down hard,Such a thick stick,In addition, Xia Jian used wild power,There are hundreds of jins of power without saying,Just listen to the painful howl of the wild boar,It also tried its best,Neck fell,Tens of kilograms of black,I was thrown off by it。
This little black is not a vegetarian,Even if I was thrown into the air,But it still tore off a piece of meat from the wild boar neck。Blood came out,Painful boar,Howling and rushing towards Xia Jian,That’s very scary。
“Fast up the tree“Old Xiao shouted。
Xia Jian in a panic,Only then discovered,The pole of a big tree on the hillside,Reach the middle of the road,Xia Jian stretched out both hands,Push your feet,The whole body is suspended in the air,At this moment,Wild boar with wind,Running under his feet。Xia Jian’s heart almost jumped to his throat。
Just when Xia Jian was preparing to come down,There was another rustling sound,There are at least seven or eight wild boars running by,Gosh!Met a herd of wild boars,Maybe which one is the wild boar king?,Howls,I feel that I have reached the opposite side of the mountain,So fast。
“Come down!never mind“Old Xiao looks calm,As if nothing happened just now。
Xia Jianyi let go,When people stand on the ground,He felt his legs were slightly soft,It’s probably scared just now,It’s strange that people are not afraid of death,See what happened。
When Xiao Xiao climbed up from the woods,The snow-white sweatshirt is already dirty,She pretended to be calm and smiled and said:“This is tourism,It’s a jungle adventure“
“Is this interesting?“Xia Jian followed,He found that Xiao Xiao’s face was red,Maybe she remembered what happened to Xia Jian just now,A little embarrassed。
So noisy,People are tired and lacking,Old Xiao always cheered everyone,But I’m getting old,He sits on the thick leaves,I suddenly remembered:“Little black“
Rustle,The little guy sprang out of the woods,Where might it start to alert。
Xia Jian touched Xiao Hei’s head and said:“Great,Is a little hero“Suddenly he found,Xiao Hei’s front shoulders,A small wound was cut by something,It might have been injured just now while fighting a wild boar。
Xiao Xiaoyi listened,Distressed,She immediately opened the backpack,Took out the medical kit,Everything inside,This gave Xia Jian a lot of knowledge,It seems field trip,I don’t mean to leave,This has to be prepared in advance,It seems that this time climbing,Lao Xiao and Xiao Xiao both decided,But they didn’t tell him in advance.。
Bandaged Xiao Hei’s wound,Everyone sat together and drank some water,Ate some food,Replenished energy,Started to go forward again。The leaves are getting thicker,I can’t find the road at all。