“what are you saying,He agreed?”

When Wei Tenglong saw this,obviously,He was a little surprised。
Don’t say it’s Wei Tenglong,Even the people around,also the same。
“That’s right,But this kid looks,It’s too overwhelming。”
“Actually want me to say,Let them continue to toss,Anyway this matter,We have already dealt with it almost。”
“Since I have to say so,Just let them continue,Anyway, for us,Actually there is nothing to delay。”
Now,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
The more so,Actually from now on,Such a thing,It’s already completely on the bright side。
And watched for a while,At this moment,Wei Tenglong did not forget to wave his hand to this side。
“Do not,It looks like,You still take these things,Thinking too simple。”
I finished talking about Wei Tenglong’s words,obviously,Those around,I didn’t expect this at all。
And the more so,Just keep on delaying,Actually obviously,It’s still not enough to see。
Seeing these places,At this time, Wei Tenglong felt more and more as he watched,Such a thing,It’s quite depressing。
Watched for a while,Wei Tenglong said directly here。
“All right,Such a thing,Actually, there is still no need。”
“Since he is willing to come,Just arrange。”
Wei Tenglong’s words are finished,To make those around you,Very excited。