Qin Sui Ya listened to Li Hui, this is not helpful.,Then a beautiful face is also shameless。

“I am really so good??”
Just when Li Hui Feng just answered,Wang Jing is coming out。
“breeze,Xiaoya comes over to eat。”
I also invited Wang Jinglian.,Qin Su Ya’s heart is excited,But at the same time。
“Scull,I will not pass.,I’m going back。”
Hesitate,Qin Su Ya feels still to be better than。
However, Li Hui Feng has gone directly to her hand.。
“Let it go,Little Ya,There is no home。”
Wang Jing did not think that Li Hui lived in the hands of her face.,This makes her feel that things are not bad.。
And Qin Su Ya is shameful, and it is constantly being held by Li Hui.,乖 跟。
Li Hui Rong followed Qin Su Ya arranged by himself,I also took the initiative to give the other party.。
This looks at Wang Jing’s eyes is even a taste.。
After all, the Miao Miao was so up.,Li Hui has not performed such a passion.。
“Little Ya,eat more,You have some hypoglycemia,Vegetables should eat more,Eat more meat。”
In the home of Li Hui,Qin Su Ya is like a small white rabbit.,An An quietly owned by Li Hui Feng Command。
Even looked up at each other’s courage,After all, Wang Jing is still standing.。
“breeze,I’m full,Don’t give me a pick,You give more scorpion.。”
Qin Sui is afraid of Wang Jingheng,I immediately hurriedly made Li Putting the wind.。
Wang Jing listened to Qin Suya,Originally has been brewing,I have to dismantle the relationship between the two people.,Suddenly, I am a soft.。
Qin Su Ja is still thinking about her feelings,If it is not a two married,Maybe she will really like each other with her son.。
But the concept of rural areas,One person can flood people,She can’t gamble two young becomes so much.。
The most important thing is that she still found the His Shengjie with Li Shouye today.。
Hesitate,She feels that I will talk to Li Hui, let Qin Sui listen more good.。
As for how to choose,She believes that Qin Ya is a smart girl.。
“Need not,Need not,The scorpion has already eaten,Waiting for you to finish,I have something to say.。”
“mom,What’s the matter?”
Li Hui Rong eats his own mother。
“What else can you?,It is definitely a thing to give you a good thing.,Today I am with your dad, I went to the Miao Miao home.,The younger brother is very happy.。”
Qin Su Ya heard Wang Jing,Immediately, the face of shame。
She is a little trembling,I don’t know if it is angry or sad.。
“breeze,Scull,There is something in my family.,I’m going back。”
Say,Qin Su Ya took it directly and ran out。
Chapter 85, my sister is willing to give you a small
Li Hui said that this scene is also rushing up and chasing out.。
Qin Su Ya heard the sound behind,Can’t help but get more quickly。
But it is still much slower than Li with the wind.。
“Little Ya,You wait for me.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Stage the hand of Qin Ya, while reaching。