Anti-aging add new measures

Anti-aging add new measures

Scientific research shows that human aging and degree of oxidation is mainly related to human tissue.

Modern medicine believes that reducing the peroxidation reaction in the human body can prevent and reduce the occurrence of diseases, delay aging, and anti-oxidation is equivalent to being able to fight aging.

The following six strain resistance to oxidative could play a role.

  First, intake of protein foods in the human body has a special anti-oxidant defense system. This is a variety of antioxidant enzymes to prevent free radical damage, such as SOD, which is like a “riot police” constantly inspecting where the human body occurs.DNA damage and repair in time.

It is because of these enzymes that the body always maintains basic antioxidant functions.

However, the synthesis of these enzymes depends on a large number of amino acids. Only by continuously supplementing the protein can the antioxidant enzymes be maintained at a high level. Therefore, people should properly intake protein.

  Second, multi-absorbed antioxidant vitamins The scientific community recognizes that there are three major antioxidant vitamins: one is β-carotene, which is mainly a precursor of synthetic vitamin A. It is used in yellow-green vegetables such as red grapes, spinach, kelp, sweet potatoes, mango, and pumpkin.Fruits and vegetables are quite rich in content.

The second is vitamin C, which is found in various vegetables and fruits.

The third is vitamin E, a variety of nuts, wheat germ, eel and vegetable oil.

These vitamins help prevent free radicals from damaging human cells.

  Third, scientific research on multi-absorption antioxidant special substances found that in addition to vitamins, food also contains a variety of antioxidants.

At least, these foods have the characteristics of dark color, sour taste, bitterness, and the stronger these characteristics, the stronger the antioxidant effect.

Some foods such as red wine, cocoa, chocolate, green tea, various plant seeds, salmon, fish eggs, shrimp, crab, and sesame are high in these antioxidant specialties.

  Fourth, some sports, but do not avoid exercise. Scientific research shows that the right amount of exercise is the first step in delaying aging. We must master the principle of “appropriate and diverse exercise”. When exercising, we must pay attention to gradually increasing the amount and difficulty of exercise in a gradual manner.Can do some exercises to promote muscle strength and increase cardiopulmonary function.

Acute exercise is likely to cause excessive ventilation, increase oxygen consumption, increase the free radicals in the body, and exacerbate aging. The elderly should not participate in sports or heavy physical labor.

  Fifth, the mental state of people who maintain mental health affects the functional activities of various organs.

Negative emotions such as loss, worry, annoyance, collapse, anger, hostility and frustration conflict with psychology, which can often lead to disorders of some organs in the human body. If not corrected in time, over time, severe cases can often induce the cardiovascular system.Psychosomatic disorders such as the respiratory system.

  Six, avoid smoking and good wine, eat less fried and processed foods, drinking alcohol can easily cause the generation of reactive oxygen species, fried foods are prone to produce peroxides in the human body, processed foods will also accelerate due to the large amount of chemicalsCell aging.