Take a look, is your personality healthy-

Take a look, is your “personality” healthy?

Personality is composed of a variety of psychological phenomena. Some of these psychological phenomena are obvious. Others can clearly see them, but they also perceive themselves clearly, such as enthusiasm, talkativeness, straightforwardness, and quick-tempered.I feel vague.
  (一)个性的倾向性   个体在形成个性的过程中,时时处处都表现出每个个体对外界事物的特有的动机、愿望、定势和亲合力,从而发展为各自的态度体系和内心环境,形成It shows the unique behaviors and personality tendencies of individuals, people, things, and themselves.
  (二)个性的复杂性   个性是由多种心理现象构成的,这些心理现象有些是显而易见的,别人看得清楚,自己也觉察得很明显,如热情、健谈、直爽、脾气急躁等;有些非但Others can’t see clearly, even they feel vague.
  (C) the uniqueness of personality Each person’s personality has its own uniqueness, even if the identical twins or even conjoined babies grow up, they also have their own uniqueness.
  (D) the stability of personality personality is gradually formed, once a certain personality, including its components, have relative stability.
  (V) Integrity of Personality As mentioned before, personality is a complete unity.
A person’s various personality tendencies, psychological processes, and personality psychological characteristics are organically combined on the basis of relatively consistent standards, and are by no means random contingencies.
Man as a whole comes to know and transform the world.
  (VI) Personality positivity Personality is a structure of a dynamic tendency system, not a negative individual arbitrarily manipulated by the objective environment.
Personality has positivity and initiative, and command all psychological activities to transform the objective world and subjective world.