Yoga stovepipe tips

Yoga stovepipe tips

Yoga has always been a very good weight loss exercise. It can not only correct the effect of burning the guy effectively, but also help the muscles stretch. It has good remodeling of the muscle lines of the body.I will introduce a set of yoga stovepipe exercises to help everyone achieve the goal of stovepipe through a few simple yoga moves.

  Skinny leg yoga eliminates excess leg mass1.

Bend your feet, sit on the mat with your palms facing each other, grab your feet with your fingers in ten fingers, straighten your back, keep your eyes straight ahead, and breathe naturally.


Then the body leaned forward slightly, grasping the soles of the feet with both hands and pressing forward, and the feet were aligned and pressed toward the ground.

Close your eyes slightly.


When your upper body is leaning forward, keep the front and back and the head in a straight line. Do not bend or skew your head.


Tilt your body forward and up, bend your elbows, and keep your hands in the same position while holding your feet.


Breathe slowly and naturally, dive down your entire upper body, and press your elbows on your calves.

Feel the location of the leg and shoulder fractures and the fractures of the leg joints.


Still breathing naturally, both legs must be on the ground, the movement persists for about 20 breaths, and then slowly back to the body, upper and lower limbs above the legs to relax the body.

  The above 6 steps of slim leg yoga to lose weight, do it once a day, 5-15 minutes.

Long-term adherence will be effective!

  Skinny leg movements: Inverted supine position with pillow cushion on the lower left side and legs sticking up inside for 2-5 minutes.

  Efficacy: Eliminate edema of the calf, fully return the blood to the upper body, treat and prevent varicose veins, and you can quickly feel sleepy.