After the following words, Li Hui said that,But Xu Yingying has already understood。

“What happened to gigate the yellow flower big??
You don’t like?”
I heard Xu Yingying.,Li Hui is scared, I don’t dare to pick up.,Directly open motorcycles,Then I fuel the door.。
“You reply?
Lee,You give me a slow point。”
Xu Yingying saw that Li Hui Hui Hui Hui Hui Hui Hui,It’s not from being angry.。
And Li Hui is laughing.。
“Hey-hey,I still like you to call me Li Hui,You call me the first frustody,Let me feel that the Yingying in my memory turns into a woman who is in a bird.,But I still like this domineering Xu Yingying.。”
Don’t you like a small bird??”
The seventh hundred and eighty-two chapters, Jiangfu, began to shoot
“Forehead,I like it.,But I like you dare to dare to hate character.,Because it is true you,I don’t want you to change for someone.。”
Li Hui said this,It also feels that I seem to say something.。
And Xu Yingying is a tight thing.。
“Have changed,Also for you to change。”
Just finished this,Li Hui has a sentence:“Stand up。”
Xu Yingying, who heard this, can’t bite Li with the wind.。
It’s good to be a station person.,Otherwise, Xu Yingying feels that he will definitely have no scruples.。
After putting Xu Yingying,Li Hui Hui wants to go back。
He feels that the longer time with the other party.,It seems that the more it makes the other party give some more strong ideas.。
He doesn’t want to provoke the wind debt now.,Because it is not only the other party,There are other people。
“You will go here.?
I still have a lot of words, I don’t say it.!”
Looking at Xu Yingying’s own observance,Li Hui’s heart is also a soft,Especially the ridiculous things in the evening of the New Year’s Eve,But let him feel some sorry。
“Hey-hey,Don’t go,Don’t go,I just stopped the car.,Otherwise, I will come to the car.,My motorcycle is here。”
“Humph!This is almost。”
Just just finished this,Not far from the car is just,This scene makes Li Hui’s breath.。
But let Xu Yingying urgently urged tears.。
“Li Hui, you come over,Don’t stop parking first。”
Looking at Xu Yingying’s urgent look,Li Hui also carried the car directly to the roadside,Quickly ran to Xu Yingying,Laugh and ask:“what happened?
What else is there??”
Just finished this,He was hugged by Xu Yingying.。
At the same time, there are countless eyes around them.,Look, Li Hui, called a embarrassment。
“Cough and cough,It’s not good to see it.,What else is there??”