Those assassins or something,Don’t hide it。

Since it is to be taken out,It’s better to take it out as soon as possible。
See here,In fact, for all of this,Wang Teng sees everything。
As for Wang Teng,Why not stop it?
Actually because of these places,Wang Teng didn’t really care about anything at all。
And when Wang Teng saw these places,At this moment,For these problems,In fact, it came as a surprise。
slowly,When seeing here,at this time,Li Kangjie also learned the news。
But in Li Kangjie’s heart,I still feel some headaches。
“This,How could this be?”
Li Kangjie subconsciously looked in front of him,I can’t help but ask before my eyes。
And the people around,One after another looking here。
obviously,at this point,How to deal with these things。
In fact, it’s just this problem,It’s still totally necessary to solve it quickly.。
“Patriarch,Now things have become like this,Let’s next,What to do?”
People around look at Li Kangjie,Can’t help but ask curiously。
Just after talking here。
Now,Li Kangjie subconsciously looked in front of him。
obviously,These things become more obvious as you look at them,It’s still a bit tricky。