Word half is blocked,Missing a month,Cheng Wen Jing won the neck of Liao Wenjie,Enthusiastic response。

Ten seconds later,Lip,Cheng Wen Jingyi is still,Quite not to open your eyes。
How to go to neon a trip to Bound,Come before this?
Liao Wenjie did not speak,Refers to the office of Tang Judi,Cheng Wenjing suddenly awakened,His busy to take out cosmetic bags,Make up the mirror。
Dangerous,Take a young man,I almost defeated two ships of the foot.。
Liao Wenjie took the paper towel,Open the baggage to remove the exquisite fan of the floating world,Small channel:“Didn’t know that I want to give you a surprise,This is a souvenir specially bought for you.,Like it?”
“Uh huh。”
Cheng Wenjing’s eyes,Specialized souvenir,I have a good time when I hear it.。
“Don’t go to the large house tonight,Go home, wait for me,I have a lot, I want to tell you.。”
“I’m afraid not,House I have already retired,I have long standing in Ju Di’s home.。”
Cheng Wenjing is a red,Voices:“I can stay overtime,Waiting for us to add the class,Go back to Zhu Di’s home together。”
“Line,Can‘US’What means,I have to go through?”Liao Wenjie facing doubt,I can’t understand what Cheng Wen is saying.。
“Ju Di sister sleeps.,Only one month,You will not forget it.?”
Cheng Wenjing sighs,Liao Wenjie is good,It is not a woman’s color too much.,Women sleep this kind of good things can forget a dry two net。
That is, everyone knows,Replace it,I heard a man in the world.,She absolutely do not believe。
“Ah this year,I really have forgotten.……”
Liao Wenjie,At the same time,If each girlfriend is like Cheng Wenjing, the ice and snow is smart.,What should I do?。
“Be,What is going to work overtime?,You go to say hello to Judith.。”
Cheng Wenjing urged a sound,Remind:“Ager,Have you bought a souvenir for Jude??”
“have,A set of tea sets。”
“Tea set……Sounds good ordinary,Is there anything else??”Cheng Wen Jingyi,I want to make the folding fan.,But I will not be able to bear the heart of it.。
“I and Zhu Di’s ordinary friends,Most brothers,Gifts can’t be too hot,I want to send her a few leggings.,But she does not necessarily wear。”Liao Wenjie。
Cheng Wenjing 闻 翻 白 白,Put the rose in Liao Wenjie:“Bring this into this,Just say that I bought it for her.。”
“No way,This is a rose,What should I do if Julie is misunderstood??”Liao Wenjie widened,Continuously shook his head。
“You don’t bring it in,In case Ji Di comes out,Ask my rose flower?,Let me explain?”Cheng Wenjing。
“Reason,I am not right.,Oversight,I want to send you a rose.,I forgot this.。”Liao Wenji western forehead,Admire thumbs up。
Cheng Wen Jing is probably better thanOKGesture,Hang your luggage in Liao Wenjie,Pushing him in the most inside office。
Cheng Wenjing knocking the door,Push Liao Wenjie into the house,While shaking your head while close the door。