Watch out for spy

Watch out for “spy”

There are more friends to go, but not as many friends as possible. Some people are better off with him.
  Those who do not respect their parents: If a person is not even filial to the parents who give birth to him, his attitude towards feelings can be seen. Such friends will betray you at any time.
  People who are too deep in the city government have some friends who hide their strengths and pack themselves tightly. They have never talked about their ideas for decades, and it is difficult to pick out his faults.
Dealing with such people makes people doubt his true intentions.
  People who like flattery and flattery are friends who are very enthusiastic on the surface.
  People who are profit-seeking, such friends are “universal glue”, which is very troublesome to stick.
This kind of person is not enough to take advantage, and suffers badly. If you don’t take advantage, you will ignore you immediately.
  Someone who manipulates right and wrong: Some people are not very capable, they have a great ability to manipulate right and wrong, and gossip, even out of nothing.
If there are one or two such characters in a team, it is difficult to maintain unity.
  People with honey-bellied swords say that this is more terrible than playing tricks.
This kind of person treats you as a close friend in person, but as long as it hurts his hair, he immediately turns his face.
  People with light promises and untrustworthy people: Some people are soliciting in person, and afterwards they will not do anything, have no integrity, and cannot be entrusted to such people.
  People who talk with each other are greeted by such friends, talk about it, talk about it, talk about it, and speak out of righteousness. There is no gain in getting along with such people.
  People who go to tea and cold are often like this. When you are in office, you will flatter you; once you retire, you will immediately disregard your account and go to a new backer.
  People who are too close: Some friends are curious and always ask questions about other people’s affairs. They don’t let off their privacy. It feels very tired to get along with such friends.
  An overly indifferent person is a bit lonely and unwilling to communicate with people. Often you are passionate about each other. He ignores him. Forget about such friends.