Heavy! The nation’s first "International First -class Training Base Construction and Development" seminar will be publicly conquered at home and abroad from now on

In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important instructions on sports work, create a platform for exchange with international influence, explore the "international first -class training base" construction model, and jointly help the construction of a sports power. The "National First-class Training Base Construction and Development Symposium" will be held on July 16-17 in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. This seminar will invite cross -domains at home and abroad, multi -disciplinary experts and scholars, Olympic champions, etc., focusing on the theme of "accelerating international first -class training bases in the context of sports power", and adopting the combination of online and offline to conduct discussions and exchanges In order to explore the "international first -class training base" construction model, pave the way to help the construction of a sports power. From now on, essays for experts and scholars at home and abroad.

The specific requirements are as follows: In order to expand the influence of academic achievements, the episode will be recommended to the collection and search agencies of relevant papers. Outstanding papers will be rewarded and recommended to relevant journals. The opportunity to build libraries and expert think tanks in the base compound talent team.

All relevant units, colleges and universities, research institutes, and experts and scholars are welcome to submit.