The red bird is faster。

Just in Liangqiu’s moment,Convenience made a red light flooding,Drilling into the cloud。
Jossom has passed half a time,Red bird bird appears again。
This time is much better than before,It is clearly aware of the danger of this group of people.。
When everyone reaches a certain distance,Red bird bird fly away。
But there is a moment,It appeared again。
So,There are dozens of times to come back and forth.。
At the end,Everyone is too lazy to go to the hands,But more vigilance。
Only color scale and Qin Night jade,Not at all notice that the red bird is not dangerous,The two are happy,Constantly chase,I want to catch it.。
Red bird bird once again appeared,Qin Ning Yuxing is a lot of。
She itself is good at speed,If you are in your body, you will flash.,Faster。
“Somework law。”
Even if it is Liangqiu to admire。
“Ha ha,Grab you。”
Red bird stone just wings wings,Qin night jade,Focus on one grip。
Just right to catch the red bird in your hand。
She makes a crisp laughter。
However, next moment。
Just listen to the sound,This red bird bird is like a unique entity.。
A silk red light,From Qin Night Yushu’s finger。
More than Qin Night jade,The rear of the people also revealed the color of the horror。
Only summer,This fact is bigger,Cold drink,“careful!!”
“What’s wrong?”
Qin Night Jade is swept around。
This is a short pause,She caught in the life and death crisis。
Silver red man in her hands,Overhead,With a speed that cannot be described,Condensing into a spear。
Spearful red,A fierce breath。
The red on it seems to have no bloody blood in the bears burning,Sway the cloud,Wave a blood shot。
Qin night jade face,Death shadow。
Her consciousness is put out,Make a proceedings,Water wave flow,Instantly form a water shield。
This blood tone long spear seems to be invincible,嗤 嗤,Extremely easy to wear a water shield,Unchanging,Talking about Qin Night Yushu。