Tight,They can’t stay on it for too long,Otherwise it will cause Liu Xiaocheng’s suspicion。

suddenly,Xia Jian saw on the protective fence made outside the window,A steel bar was welded out,He couldn’t help being overjoyed。Hard work,This steel bar was broken by the twisting of his numbers。
With this thing,Dealing with a small lock can be said to be effortless。Xia Jian twisted and unlocked,But in order not to be discovered,He is right,But just a twist,This lock can be opened。
Everything is in order,Xia Jian went downstairs with Li Fengzhu。They just sat down,The noodles from the boss。in the whole process,Liu Xiaocheng seemed extremely quiet,He barely said a word。
When I come out after eating,It’s getting darker。At this moment,Liu Xiaocheng smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Is it time to buy a product after the class tomorrow?You can take the lead”
“no problem,I will discuss with your sister-in-law tonight,If not, buy two first!“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Liu Xiaochang took a breath and said:“Just like you,Unlike some people,Always think we are lying,I’m going to make something happen again and again,They don’t want to think,Can command hundreds of people doing this here,Can you say he can not have two brushes?“
“You are right,Which manager Zhao looks like a big deal?“Xia Jian followed Liu Xiaocheng’s words and slapped Mr. Zhao’s flattery。
Liu Xiaocheng suddenly gave him a hand,Lowered his voice and said:“Don’t you know,Last time there was a guy who didn’t want to do this with us.,He pulled a few while walking,Finally, Mr. Zhao was blocked at the gate。Only Mr. Zhao,They all lie on the ground,Of course it turned out to be very miserable”
Xia Jian smirked,Talking to Liu Xiaocheng,They went upstairs together。Just before separation,Liu Xiaocheng said to Xia Jian:“Class tomorrow,You just sit at the back!I’ve heard it anyway,It’s best not to come out halfway,So as not to have too much trouble”
“it is good!I’ll listen to you”After Xia Jian finished speaking, he went back to the room with Zhao Chunling。
Wait for the door to close,His face changed。Why would Liu Xiaocheng tell him this tonight??It feels like he knows something?
Zhao Chunling saw Xia Jian like this,I couldn’t help but lower my voice and said:“Don’t think about it anymore,Don’t you just flee??You just take them to run tomorrow,Leave the fight to me”