This is*.Naked transaction。Wang Youdao dare not speak anymore,He stood up,Walking around the office non-stop。This Chen Jiang can do anything for his brother,But he can’t。But even if he doesn’t care about it,If Wang Youcai’s accident,He must be implicated。

what should I do?This bastard,Really caused a lot of trouble for myself。Wang Youdao is almost mad,The more angry,The more he has no idea。
“Mayor Wang,Not for oneself,Heaven and earth,That’s your brother!Once he had an accident,You can escape responsibility as a brother?That is impossible,Maybe he pulled you in earlier,It’s just that you don’t know。So you want to protect your feathers,You have to protect your brother first“Chen Jiang sees the opportunity,Said this again。
This sentence just mentioned Wang Youdao’s weakness,If something happens to Wang Youcai,He is not implicated in,That is impossible。Now I can only stop him from having trouble,I’m safe for the time being。
“it is good!I’ll intercede about your brother,You can take care of the Wang Youcai business“Wang Youdao finished this sentence,So deep that he buried his head between his legs。
Chen Jiang smiled,Turned around。
A few days later,Chen Feng pays all Xi Zhen’s expenses,And under the witness of the police,Chen Feng compensated Xi Zhen for 50,000 yuan in compensation。
What is puzzling is,Chen Feng more than ten days later,Came out,Still working at the Municipal Comprehensive Public Security Office,But he is no longer an office director,But an ordinary urban manager。
First1245chapter Pool encounter
some things,Ordinary people can’t understand。
The Chen Feng incident is thunderous,Little rain,Even Ouyang Hong felt strange。She vaguely feels that it is not simple,She is a deputy mayor,Is also in charge of agriculture,So she can only be dissatisfied with this matter。
Xi Zhen is discharged,And returned to the group with Xia Jian。Wang Lin knew about this,She didn’t blame anyone,But very generously gave Xi Zhen a month off,Let her heal at home。Of course,The group also gave her some compensation,After all, she was hurt so badly。
Xia Jian back to the group,Feel different,How is it different,He couldn’t tell for a while。Xi Zhen is on vacation,Of course all her work is on Lin Wei。This girl has come back from Pingdu,The look in Xia Jianshi’s eyes has changed。
It used to be calm and calm,And now become a little shy,Seeing Xia Jianshi’s eyes are a bit dodgy。Wang Lin as a woman,Aware of this。
This morning,Xia Jian called Wang Lin to his office to discuss something,After the talk, the two people sat on the sofa and drank coffee。Xia Jian smiled and said:“The group is under your management,Not the same as before”
“is it?You think it’s better?Still getting worse?”Wang Lin smiled slightly,She asked softly。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“I think everyone is no longer nervous,Like work attitude,I feel a bit slower including the pace of walking”
“Ok!Your feeling is really right,You go out for a month or two this time,In such a long time,A lot of things happened in the group,But these things are good things。Pre-sale of our financial center,And the construction situation,Are the best in these years”Wang Lin said,Smiled happily。