Dandong: Anti-US aid veterans become the party history preaching "faculty"

Original title: Anti-US aid veterans become the party history preaching "faculty" "in the battle of the United Nations Army ‘Autumn Attack", the 602 group 2 row of five party members rushed to the forefront, and 3 people sacrificed in that battle.

I took the machine gun to the four high-level dens … "At the" Party Member Oral History ", at the Dandong Military Division, the veteran Wang Shuchun describes the bonfire years of the anti-US aid.

"This is the combat model medal of liberation of Haicheng. This is a first-class medal of the United Nations Army ‘Autumn Attack. In 1951, he gave a war in the battle.

Today, Wang Shu Chun has become the old "faculty" of the party history and education, which is active in the first line.

"I have to tell more people to listen to my party, let our party’s glorious image entered everyone’s heart." The old man said unlimited. Dandong existing anti-US aid giving a military veterans 1441 people, although the average age has exceeded 90 years old, but they still contain a powerful force, and each veteran has a song experience, each veteran is A historical textbook. Over time, the old hero currently is getting higher and higher. The party class, the history of the party is not a relaxed, but they still have straight, carefully take out the medals of the collections, and offer the treasures in the depths of memory. According to statistics, there are currently more than 200 vents in Dandong’s physical condition, still fighting on the front of the history of the party’s history. "We have to spread these spiritual wealth out and affect the motivation of young men.

"The veterans said.

Dandong Municipal Party Committee, the Ministry of Propaganda Department organized radio and television stations, anti-US aids, a combination of social power, and rescue shooting anti-US aid dictation history "Remember". Through the story of anti-US aid giving a military vetera, let the party history learning education is more rich, more vivid, fresh, and deep into the heart.

(Editor: Xiao Yuan, Danglong).