Pushing new crown virus vaccination work in Husi District, Xiamen City

Recently, the Qiaoqian Street, the Hutan, Huli District, Fujian Province, held a new crown virus vaccination registration and promotion.The street leadership team took the lead in science, and took a vaccine, and guided all party members and cadres to improve the political stations, refine the target tasks, and assist resolution for the difficulties associated with the difficulties encountered in the promotion efforts.It is understood that the grassroots party organizations in the streets in front of the temple have held a special organizational life meeting with the "vaccination, what do I want to do", and all party members and cadres take the initiative to take the initiative, bright thinking, direction, and strong service.A family member, neighborhood residents participate in vaccination work.(Hao Changfan) (Editor: Chen Lanyan, Zhong Xiahuahua).