To promote Party building high-quality development of railway undertakings

National Rail Group Party Group resolutely carry the main responsibility for leadership of the Party Group to further strengthen party building work, the Party organs at all levels thoroughly study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the central and state organs of party building work conference firmly establish political authority awareness, focus construction allows the CPC Central Committee at ease, satisfaction of the people of model agencies, the implementation of politics, discipline, accountability, efficiency requirements, conscious of the table benchmarking, strengthening political play to promote the work of party building authorities to achieve the overall level promote. Building political institutions a clear direction, clear positioning always adhere to the political nature of headquarters offices, on the implementation of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important instructions instructions from railway work positioning "first stick" to strengthen in, put the party and state work services height to advance and integrate into the national railway companies always listen to the party, then go with the fine tradition of the party to demonstrate.

Strengthen the sense of political education authority. Party secretary take the lead in talking about the topic lectures, in-depth where the party branch and party members in charge of the field to carry out preaching, Party organizations at all levels to speak thematic lectures secretary of more than 350 games, party members and cadres by the party theme days, seminars and other centralized political authority firmly establish awareness. Institutional strengthening political institutions. Develop "implementation of <Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening the Party Central Committee and maintain centralized and unified leadership of certain provisions of> the implementation of measures" to strengthen the measures for implementation of the national railway company building political party, strengthening and improving Party building authorities embodiment of a series file system, the establishment of organs of party building work conference quarterly system, create a self-assessment insist quarter, half year review, annual evaluation model agencies. Strengthen political institutions work to implement.

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the development of the implementation of important instructions instructions "look back" mechanism, the formation of "supervision monthly, quarterly bulletin, timely reporting, annual review," closed-loop management to ensure that the letter implement them. Since 2020, the CPC Central Committee and State Council submitted to all kinds of referrals to the report, Special Report 58, General Secretary Xi Jinping personally plan to personally deploy, personally promote the Sichuan-Tibet Railway (Ya’an to Nyingchi section) official on 8 November 2020 construction, according to the central party group to study and formulate a more timely deployment of rail services national strategy Twins economic construction circle Chengdu-Chongqing region of the opinions. Armed clear-cut theory, and always adhere to highlight the main Xi Jinping, the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, the creative transformation of learning outcomes have called for the central railway conscious action of thinking, ideas into initiatives to reform and development of railway safety and stability, into solve problems of real action to tackle tough hard strokes. Adhere to the "first time" follow-up study. Adhere to the Party Group with authorities, institutions belt system, the establishment of the party group theory study group learning important speech Xi Jinping, general secretary of the working mechanism, timely finishing Party Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping latest important speech, learning and compiled a list, take attendance, reporting, etc. to enhance the quality and efficiency of learning . As the "first issue" the first study.

To study and implement the important speech Xi Jinping, general secretary of the railway work and important instructions instructions from the Party organs at all levels as the first issue, the implementation of "seminar-style" collective learning, carry out the actual work, "learning to use new ideas, Jiangong new era" campaign , the study results into the power source to promote the practice. Seize "the first phalanx" in-depth study.

Leading Party Group demonstration study, the implementation of bureaus, level cadres theoretical study part-time staff training and organs party cadres special training, knowledge and learning all party members and party plans to deepen the theoretical study of youth promotion project. To guide the practice of the party’s theoretical innovation, promote the work, in 2020 the national railway leading Party group and resolutely implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council, deployment requirements, around the "five to ensure that, see the effectiveness of five" objectives and tasks, railway safety remains stable, construction investment task completed , cargo achieve contrarian growth, and improve the quality of passenger service, the rule of law of market operations with remarkable results, technological innovation fruitful, institutional reform of the national railway companies take new steps, rail services national strategy to achieve new results, the successful completion of the " thirteen five "plan objectives and tasks, results and made significant strategic victory for the country’s fight against SARS struggle building a moderately prosperous society has made important contributions.

Grass-roots party path precision, responsibility focus always adhere to grasp the distinctive large grassroots-oriented, Li Ming marked down regulation responsibility, building increasingly consolidated organizational system perfect, endogenous power of party organizations to further stimulate, to further enhance political function, organs of party organizations fighting force strengthen the comprehensive role.

Established standards and strict norms.

National Railways Group at all levels fully implement the Party’s leadership, the party’s leadership embedded in the corporate governance structure. Development of the national railway company branch construction work rules, work rules committee directly under the authority, branch construction responsibility system implementation details, judged by reporting their assessment of the implementation details, etc., to form an effective working system.

Learning standard, with specification. Further promote grassroots party organizations to enhance the quality of three-year action plan, issued key tasks scheduled quarterly formulate priorities each year, the list of theme party day, implementation of the "three will be a lesson," the quality of building "four" branch.

Off the standard, grasping norms. Organs and departments insist on full coverage of contact per quarter guidance, full coverage of the annual assessment rating of the unit directly under the full coverage check survey. Party building to take contact alerts, survey feedback, written inquiries, face to face interviews, briefings and other supervision way to transmit pressure, promote the work.