But Han Jiang really didn’t use Qi Yana to say so,He just wants to become the captain of Shiberian.,Maybe,There should be people on the ship,He wants to find a gathering together.

Well this is a long-term goal.,At the same time,Need to fight against collapse,And Otto!
“Then I only take this eight heavy cherry sisters.,You will return to the temporary dormitory.!”
“I do not want,Temporary dormitory,Game console,Computer is not,There is no comic book.!”Qi Yana began to play。
Hand holding the shoulders of Hanjiang,Shake right shake,“Take me one.!”
Han Jiang smiled and said:“Row!”
“Eight heavy cherry,is it okay?”Hanjiang looks to eight cherry。
The heart of the eight borders is still thinking http://www.wptact.cn about Qiana’s words.,I want to exchange if I am with Carine,Will you want Kaolian how to do。
“Eight cherry?”
“嘤嘤 嘤嘤?”
Han Jiang called a few times,Eight cherry,“Oh!Excuse me,Just think about things,What did you say??”
“Don’t think so much,There is a sentence in our Shenzhou called,Yong old,Wanji often,May the world have become a genus。”
“There is another sentence,I feel more suitable for you now.,Don’t be better reunion。”
Eight heavy hoses,“But the information,she”
Han Jiang seriously looked at the eyes of eight cherry,Solemnly:“Believe me,You have the day again.!”
Eight heavy cherry yourself look for Kaolian,In fact, there is no fantasy in my heart.,Just give yourself find a excuse to be strong.。
never expected,Han Jiang actually said such a word。
Chapter 217 Dry things can’t use your own name
“Do not worry,Memorial,There must be a ring。”Han Jiang has surely said a sentence。
Han Jiangso sex with Qi Yaan three people go shopping together,Anyway, training is to let go.。
Eight heavy cherry is called Huandu Pill to play in the morning.,Han Jiang wants people to be more lively。
In addition to several still in hospital,Busy to handle things,Originally, I was going to bring the flag of the flag.,Let her understand the main universe。
But by the other party,She wants to deal with information recorded yesterday.,No work, go。
A few days later,Sakura is arranged in the island’s school in the school of ordinary people.,Eight bodies or leave Saint Feria。
Han Jiang knows that the other party is going to be exhausted.,I have been in the academy.,Really bored。
Before leaving,Han Jiang once again 叮 八 重,It is best not to be big Zhangqi.。
Eight borders,Asked Hanjiang,She has survived for nearly five hundred years in the long-air market.,Why was found?
Han Jiang is also thinking about it,A plans to hide,Whether it is easily discovered。
During the reconstruction of girls’ dormitory,Buds and Bronia’s body is so good,Ji is gradually recovering,And master some power of Ji Lin holy marks in the body。
After the hospital,Determine that Ji is no longer damaged by artificial holy marks,Everyone grows up.。
In Hanjiang, I thought that there is no one in the day.,De Lisa suddenly came to the door to find Hanjiang。
“There is now a task wants to give you,You are willing to do it.?”De Lisa opens to see the mountain asked。
Han Jiang looked at the eye Dresis,Hunt:“Why don’t you like?,There is a matter of the communication, I will tell me.,How can the school growers??”
“Things are more important,If you agree,Tonight is going to start。”
Han Jiang is looking at De Lisa,What is this going to do??
“The http://www.js-stars.cn body of Ji has also recovered,Given your usual performance,Specially send you two people to take the same thing。”