“What to sleep?Get up quickly。Wu Wu went to the front desk and booked the ticket first,Oh!I’m afraid I can’t book this ticket,Don’t you want multiple children??”Xia Jian said,I can’t help but pat my head。

Wang Youcai sat on the bed thinking for a while and said:“Then wait until the child comes over。Really can’t book,Let my brother and his family take the train back,The three of us by plane”
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“So much the better,But you have to send them to the train safely,Some things can’t be careless”
First2408chapter Another accident
Wang Lijun said it was good to come at noon,Unexpectedly less than eleven o’clock,He showed up in the hotel with his five-year-old daughter。
Blood is thicker than water,This sentence has been best verified between Song Fang and her daughter。Although Song Fang’s daughter doesn’t spend much time with her,But the little girl was very affectionate when she saw Song Fang。Especially her mother’s cry,The people who called are very comfortable。
So as not to cause unnecessary trouble,Xia Jian asked Song Fang to explain clearly to the child,To take her to another family life。What is unexpected is,The little girl said she never wanted to go back。
In this case,Wang Lijun was undoubtedly very uncomfortable.。As soon as he gets the money,And said hello to Xia Jian,Then I kissed my daughter on the face,Away with tears。
Seeing Xia Jian’s heart is particularly uncomfortable。But life is like this,There will always be some small waves。
Situation changed,Xia Jian immediately reschedule。Because of Song Fang’s daughter’s household registration,Can’t buy tickets temporarily。So Xia Jian made a decisive decision,Let Song Fang and Wang Youfa take their daughter on the train。And also made Wang Youcai and Wu Wu,Sent them to the train in person。
The flight back to Bucheon was booked at 4 o’clock in the afternoon。Xia Jian waited until two o’clock alone,Return the hotel room,Called a taxi,Go straight to the airport。
at the airport,Xia Jian found Wang Youcai,When the three people were preparing to go to security,Xia Jian’s phone rang,And still aSZUnfamiliar number。Xia Jian saw this number,I couldn’t help but frowned。
But he bit the bullet and connected,Just listen to the voice of a man inside:“I am the third brother!Wang Lijun is in my hands now,If you are a scumbag,Just run by yourself!”
“what?You are the third brother?What do you want to do?Wang Lijun’s wife,We have done compensation,And the two parties had a very pleasant talk,I think it’s best to end this matter“Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。
The third brother smiled on the phone:“Your name is Xia Jian!See you like a man,But not as good as a woman。Wang Lijun is your fellow,You ran away,I have his feelings”
“Ha ha!You do something like this,Don’t you think the price drops?What do you want to do?Bluntly”Xia Jian has no patience。
Third brother sharply raised his voice and said:“You let me sweep the majesty around Shadong Village,You guys have to apologize to Daoqian”