Chapter 538 Black Ghost

Li Huihe heard this call rescue,The brow is also a wrinkle,Because this sound is very familiar,It is Jiang Shuyan’s voice。
“Hey-hey,Small beauty,I see you looking for a man everywhere.,Looking for us, good?
I will definitely make you feel comfortable tonight.。”
Jiang Shuyan did not expect that Li Hui Hui has not taken a long time.,She was surrounded by two black people.。
She knows that these two black people have nationality of the United States.,Jiang Wei has been introduced with this two people.。
“Roll away,I am not interested in the black ghost,Less touching Miss。”
Smell a wine,Jiang Shuyan is a bit and angry。
I can’t help but save it.。
“Uncle,Let security to drive them out。”
I heard Jiang Shuyan’s call,The boss of wine is also ugly.。
“Martin,You will live for me.,Do you know who this is??
“Hey-hey,Golden boss,This little beauty looks like to like our black.,Easy gir。”
When I said this,The black actually made a very indecent movement。
And this time,The boss of wine is also ugly,Go directly, I am ready to grab Jiang Shuyan.。
Let him not think about it,The other party directly gave him a punch.,And also put a boxing action。
Is the gold boss try our fist power??
I heard that you will also Chinese Kung Fu.,To save the hero?
Will this wine will be a partner??”
Looking at the opponent’s huge fist,Although the other party is full of wine,But the gesture is still in place with the action.,This makes Jin Ming, don’t want to conflict with each other.,After all, the other party is behind the drug-owned companies listed on the country.,And these two still people under the hand of the pharmaceutical enterprise。
“Martin,This is indeed looking for a partner,But the two sides must agree。”
Jin Wuchen, this is not waiting for it.,The black man named Martin began to speak English.。
“I don’t understand your Chinese.,I only know this girl likes to find a boys.,And like thisEasy girWe have seen more,Give us a room,We have to vent it.。”
The other person’s in the field is clearly listening.。
Li Hui also listened to the clear。
What did him did not expect a group of rich second generation?,Faced with two blacks without a dare to do。
Jiang Shuyan is also firmly grabbed by another black.,That pair of black and big black hands should be implemented in crimes in the face of everyone.。
This scene made Li Xiang’s wind completely can’t stand it.。
“nigger,Give me a hand。”