No wonder even though you are behind bars,Xiang Chen is not afraid;No wonder even without any advantage,Xiang Chen is still full of hope。

All the explanations now work,Own final hole card,Is someone’s foreign aid,How to fight this?
“Single again,You should know,How do we deal with treason!”
Qu Tianyi’s face is cold,Terrible low voice。
I have made a decision in my heart,As long as Shan reveals any possibility of collaborating with the enemy and traitorous country,Even if you fight this old life, don’t,And keep them all in Honolulu。
“Save effort!I was trained on Paradise Island,You don’t know,What to scare me!”
Single and indifferent,Then he squinted at Long San and Long Si beside Qu Tianyi.。
“Mr. Qu has the ability to say this,You two are eager to try something?If it weren’t for showing mercy to the boss,,You two are lonely ghosts now!”
Relentless spit,The single word and sentence made Long San and Long Si feel angry.。
“Don’t be convinced,If it weren’t for the light of a certain senior,Is really dead now!”
Shan You speaks extremely sincerely,It’s just that being overly sincere is really annoying。
Qu Tianyi is not talking,Regardless of whether the order will be against the enemy,He needs to regain his strength in World War I as soon as possible。
Facing doubts from teammates,Shan then shrugged helplessly to Xiang Chen,I have been tested many times,But still can’t let my companions take it lightly,This is why Shan You never liked teamwork。
No doubt about employing,There are so few leaders that the suspect does not use,Just a smile,Shan Youyou expressed all his helplessness to Xiang Chen。