“Tianyu,200Years,The Rothschild family has always been the supreme ruler of world finance,Our Fuxing Club is as small as an ant in front of them,It’s easy for them to squeeze to death,Don’t fight against them?”

“Lu Ye,Qiao Tianyu is stubborn,But I really dare not offend the Rothschild family,But the gold I bought from the Arrow Sakura organization,Their Rothschilds are still unreasonable?!”
“Make sense?”Qiao Dahua snorted,Scolded,“Qiao Tianyu,Are you a fucking kid?Who reasoned with you,There is no truth in the world?!”
“Dahua!”Lord Lu sees that Qiao Dahua is too angry,Afraid of making things froze,Call him quickly,“Tianyu,You have been in China before,Financial to the world,Especially not know much about European finance,May not know。”
“The Rothschild family is a huge financial empire,Is the supreme ruler of world finance,Maintain the normal operation and order of world finance。”
“But if you understand the history of the Rothschild family,I know that the rise of this family and war are accompanied by the shadows,They were the controlling shareholder of the British East India Company,They used guns and opium,Brought endless disasters to people all over the world。”
“And then China’s two humiliating Opium Wars、Two world wars,And behind the countless wars in the world, this family has fueled the flames!”
“said with no exaggeration,The Rothschild family made a fortune from the war,A family that rose from the ruins of war,They have got too much blood on their hands,It is also one of the chief culprits of China’s humiliation for a hundred years!”
“Under the influence of war,The Rothschilds acted extremely hard and cold-blooded,They believe that only the strong in the world have a say,The words of the strong are truth!”
“Oh oh,I understand。”Qiao Tianyu nodded,“You mean,The Rothschilds only talk about what they think is right,Really Robber Logic!”
“Hey,Can also be understood like this。”Master Lu sighed helplessly,“There is really no reason to talk to them!”
“Lu Ye,Please indicate。”Qiao Tianyu is not stupid,Know that at this juncture,Master Lu won’t say these things for no reason,“Today you told me this,What do you want the younger generation to do?”
“Tianyu,You are indeed a smart boy!”Master Lu nodded very satisfied,“Tianyu,Enemies should be resolved but not settled,Besides, our Fuxing Club is not the opponent of the Rothschild family.。”
“So with the Rothschild family,We don’t care if their logic is robber or not,We can only make perfect,Apologize,Trivialize,Trivial,Turning wars into jade silk,how about it?”