Find your own decompression method

Find your own decompression method

The pressure is always in the shadow, so how do you decompress it? This decompression method is best for you?

  Psychological test: If you are a writer, facing the pressure of the editor of the magazine, and you happen to be busy, what would you do?

  A, I promise, I have to rush out the manuscript B when I’m busy. After I promise, I will vent my emotions before I start writing the manuscript C. Helplessly I have to do it. Answer analysis choice A: You are used to swallowing the pressure, even if you are busy and tired again, you don’t want to trouble others.

It can really make you stronger in a short period of time, but the accumulation of long-term depression is also a kind of injury to yourself.

It is recommended that you can constantly ask for perfection while you work, but you must rely on or take advantage of consecutive days of vacation, which insulate yourself from work and enjoy yourself.

I believe that after adjustment, you will still be a living dragon.

  Option B: Usually do not burn incense, temporarily hold the Buddha’s feet.

In fact, you can usually do a lot of things, but you have to wait until you are imminent.

Although you have the confidence to solve everything, it’s like walking on a wire rope, and you might just drop it if you are not careful.

Do n’t yank your emotions, maintain a stable schedule, and develop a good habit of success. In addition to the stress becoming trivial, you will also gain more!

  Choice C: When faced with stress, you often have headaches that you do n’t know what to do, but you do n’t know how to let go, which causes a vicious circle. Apart from making you physically tired, things are not solved or not handled beautifully.

I suggest that you don’t get too dead-headed and get into the emotional dead end.

Occasionally let go first and do other easy chores. Don’t let your emotions become too tight. Organize your mood first, and then handle things.

  Choice D: In the face of pressure, you can easily choose to evade, but you can only get short-term pleasure by avoiding it. You cannot solve the problem, and the pressure is still lingering.

Be careful. Escaping can easily become a habit. If you have one, there will be two. In the future, even small things like sesame and mung beans will not be able to do well.

In the past, for example, if you died yesterday, learn to face the problem actively, and you can solve it after removing the cocoon. You will also love this feeling.